Tape Roll Home Accents

by on March 7th, 2015
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Wait until you see even one of the home accents you can make when you empty a cardboard tape roll – or similar roll. When you embellish the roll you can create ornaments, napkin rings, mirror or picture frame accents, and much more.

You’ll make an adorable ornament – for a Christmas tree or to hang elsewhere in the home – when you paint a cardboard ring. Paint it any color you want then use card stock to decorate inside of the ring. Cut strips of the card stock so that they are not quite as wide as the ring itself. Tape the strips, end to end, until you have enough to go around the ring at least three times. Later, if needed, you can add more strips.

Fold the strips, accordion style, from one end to the other. Start by folding the end over ¾”, then back the other way, so that you make each fold ¾”. When you’ve folded the whole thing, coat the inside of the ring with glue, then put the folded card stock inside. Make a hole in the top of the roll and you can add a twine hanger.

There are many different things you could put inside the cardboard ring. Dangle a small ornament inside or glue a wooden or other miniature in the tape roll. These ornaments look great on a Christmas tree but can be used in many other ways. Slide one onto a curtain tie-back for an interesting accent. Or, glue one on each of the top corners of a square or rectangular mirror to give it a whole new look. Attach one to the front of a lamp or glue several across the front of a cornice. There are many ways to turn the cute ornaments into various accents around your home.

You don’t absolutely have to glue something inside of the ring. Instead, cut a circle of fabric or paper, and use it to cover one side of the tape roll. When you laminate the cloth or paper you can create a coaster, a jewelry or coin holder, or even a hold for craft supplies, like beads or trinkets.

A small ring, like from a roll of Scotch or electrical tape, can be used to make a napkin ring. You can coat the outside area of the ring, and glue on fabric or scrapbook paper. Or, cover the ring entirely with rhinestones. There are many different napkin rings you can make depending on the craft supplies you use.

You’ll find many other ways to use the cardboard roll ornaments or accents after you make some. Experiment with assorted miniatures, paper images, cardboard cutouts, wooden shapes, and foil papers, to create decorations unique to your own home.

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