Review: Kat Von D Palette in Truth

by on October 25th, 2014
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Kat Von D released a new palette for the summer at an awesome price, $17, which is half of what her palettes usually cost. I was really excited to finally to try out another one of her palettes, as I’ve been pleased with them so far.

They are packaged in a beautiful white plastic with a velvety feeling on the outside. The outside is decorated with distressed golden keys. The inside features a large mirror, a good size for doing your makeup every day! The palette itself is incredibly sturdy, which makes for easy worry-free traveling. It also comes with two small brushes, which are not really all that useful, but could be used for liner or the cream shadow.

Like all her other palettes, this one comes with 8 different shades, 7 of them powder eyeshadows and 1 cream shadow. This palette features two different color themes, one green and blue side with bright fun colors for summer, and the other has more wearable skin tone and purple colors. Overall, this palette is put together really well. It has a good range of colors to create many looks, and can be wearable or extreme.

Sugar Skull is a white highlight color that actually looks more golden on the eye because of its beautiful duo-chrome shimmer. Long Distance is a bright yellow green glittery color. The glitter is definitely pretty chunky, but makes for a gorgeous bright color. Snake Eyes is a slightly more green color, though it is still light. It has a shimmery finish, but does not contain the chunky glitter Snake Eyes does. Finland is the bright turquoise blue cream eyeshadow. I was probably most disappointed in this shade. The cream shadow has a strange texture that does not apply evenly, either with the brush or the fingers, as it is rather dry. On the other side is Prague, a deep rich plum that is comparable to Mac’s Sketch, though perhaps not as glittery. I wish the pigmentation were a little richer for this shade. Then there is Galeano, a delicate light cool lavender. Rehab is a champagne color that leans a little darker. Sister is the only matte color, a skintone color that is great for highlighting, though not really so impressive, as it doesn’t really show up due to its color. Most of the shades are shimmery, but not obnoxiously so (note that Snake Eyes is actually glittery). The pigmentation overall is really great, and the colors really do coordinate well. I really love the fun summery feel that is given off by this palette, which is a contrast to her usually more dark color schemes.

I’ve definitely enjoyed this palette and would highly recommend this and her other palettes. They are perfectly sized for traveling, and if you pick up a palette with all your essential colors, you’re set to go!

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