Protein Shakes – What’s Right for You

by on July 19th, 2012
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Protein Shakes

Whilst training, the involvement of whey protein is essential in your diet and training plan. Without protein, you wouldn’t be able to repair or build any new muscle tissue and in turn, any muscle tissue would not be able to handle the pressure of intense training.

One of the best ways to get as much whey protein in your training regime as possible is through the use of protein shakes. Not having enough whey protein can actually be a bad thing as you can lose muscle mass in your body and can slow down recovery times.

You can either get ready mixed protein shakes or you can make your own. Ready made protein shakes come already mixed in a bottle and you can consume them straight away rather than having to mix whey protein powder up with either water or milk. An advantage of having ready mixed protein shakes is that it is great for people that lead an extremley busy lifestyle and don’t particularly have the time to mix it up themselves neither do they want to carry a large tub of protein powder around with them.

However, it is better if you are able to make up your own protein shake as you can put in as much whey protein powder as you need or want and you can mix it up with milk or water – whichever you prefer and think tastes nicer and is better for your own personal training regime. You also know yourself that is had no added products in it getting you the best quality nutrients.

You can use protein shakes in two different ways. You can use them as a meal replacement if you’d prefer to have a protein shake rather than a meal before or after training or you can use it throughout your training regime to get that extra protein in your diet. If you are substituting your meal for a protein shake, it does give you as much nutrients as possible but it obviously wouldn’t be the best choice over a protein filled meal. It is recommended that you get around 45g of protein per day (depending on your weight and height). Sometimes this cannot be physically achievable due to lifestyles. Many people work long hours, therefore skipping breakfast so it is difficult to get the recommended daily protein hence the need for protein shakes. Obviously if you exercise more regularly then you are going to need more energy and more protein.

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