Persona 2: Innocent Sin – Best Game of 2011

by on October 14th, 2010
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In 2011, Persona 2: Innocent Sin was remade and released for the Playstation Portable handheld system. In that same year, it easily became one of the most enamoring and heartbreaking games released on the dying system. That’s why I declared it as my favorite 2011 video game.

Telling a story of how the innocent sins of the past can influence the present, the fate of the world is placed on the line, and left up to several people who can bring forth their Personas – their true selves beneath the masks that they wear in public-to defend themselves against invading demons. At the same time, rumors start becoming reality, and when the rumor that leads to the destruction of the world begins coming to fruition, the heroes must face themselves and rise to challenge the threat.

The game has updated graphics and content compared to the original version released for the Playstation console, including several musical tracks that weren’t present in the original version. The artwork is clear and concise, no longer pixilated due to change in the format and system. The dialogue has been refined and lacks errors made during the first localization, allowing even those without a decent understanding of Eastern traditions to follow along.

The reason I chose this as my personal favorite 2011 video game was primarily because of the story. I prefer Role-Playing Games because the storyline allows the player to learn about another world and escape from the pressures of reality. The further you can immerse yourself into the story, the more enjoyment you gain from it.

The Persona series has always relied on strong stories with arching plots, which can all be eventually traced back to a single source. One of the single biggest lessons is that you must acknowledge, and come to terms with, the side of yourself that you keep hidden, out of shame or fear. Running from the truth will only make things worse for you.

While the game-being a remake of an earlier one-doesn’t have as much depth as the later entries in the series, it does show you more about the driving forces in the world. It makes it clear that getting a happy ending for everyone is impossible sometimes, and you must settle for maintaining the status quo. But that doesn’t mean you should ever give up, even in the darkest hour.

You must always face your true self, which lies beneath the mask.

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