Parents Made to Suffer for Feeding Their Kids With Hands

by on December 10th, 2010
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Recently, we came across a shocking story in which two toddlers were taken away from their Indian parents by the Norwegian authorities and sent to a foster home. The reason given by the authorities for their insane and inhuman act was more shocking than the act itself. According to them, the children were sleeping in their parents bed and were fed with hands rather than with spoons.

The incident occurred in Norway last year when a couple of Indian origin, Anrup and Sagarika Bhattacharya, lost custody of their two kids, 3-year-old Avigyan and 1-year-old Aishwarya, after Norwegian authorities objected to couple’s act of hand feeding the kids and sharing bed with them. It is ridiculous, but the Norwegian authorities felt the parents were not bringing up their children properly and the kids would be brought up in a better way away from their parents, in foster care. Here, it should be noted, in Indian culture and probably in some other cultures too, kids do sleep with their parents and it is not considered a bad practice. For the first few years of their lives, children can share their parents bedroom as parents want to give them extra protection and comfort. As far as feeding with hands is concerned, it is again a very common practice in India where even the elders prefer their hands and not a spoon while eating.

It is just a cultural difference that should be respected by any country offering the service of immigration. Immigrants should be given the right to follow their practices if they are not bothering anyone. It is a known fact that every country on the map has its own distinct character and culture, and when a country gives refuge to other nationals, it should bear in mind the fact that the immigrants have their own traditions, and they should be given the right to preserve them. For the poor parents, it is a nightmare, staying away from their kids for such a long time. Fortunately, now the Indian government has come forward to help the couple and is trying hard for the kids’ release. In such a progressive world where we boast acceptance and open-minded societies, such incidents certainly give rise to several doubts. Sooner of later, the Indian parents will get their children back, but for all those who are contemplating migrating to Norway, please give a second thought.

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