Natural Ways to Boost the Immune System and Resist Infections

by on July 18th, 2010
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Our continued human existence is predicated on the ongoing ability of our immune system to resist the incessant attack of microbes, still smaller viruses, and toxic chemicals, which day in and day out, threaten to overrun our defenses, and tear apart the integrity of our very bodily structure and function. Fortunately for us, trillions of tiny cellular immunity fighters, helped by vast system of signaling chemicals, carry on a daily battle against the invaders that would make visible wars seem like a picnic in comparison.

While this daily war on our behalf goes on whether we do anything about it or not, we as responsible adults can still take steps to strengthen the hand of our natural immunity. Doing so has been credited with lengthening survival against cancer, reducing the incidence and severity of colds and the flu, and in general promoting healthy living.

The most recognized approaches to boosting the immune system are eating healthy foods, including natural anti-oxidant containing fruits and vegetables, getting sufficient amounts micronutrients, eating healthy fats and avoiding harmful fats, getting sufficient sleep (the amount that is sufficient is to a large extent personal) and avoiding stress.

A great misconception that many people have about immunity is that they can treat any infection with antibiotics. For sure, antibiotics have made incredible contributions to longevity and health; however, they have certain very obvious drawbacks. After a while, microbes develop resistance to antibiotics. At some point antibiotics don’t work, and each of us is back to the natural struggle between humans and bugs. Furthermore, even when antibiotics are working, they do have side effects, which can include unpleasant GI and skin problems.

The best approach to preserving health is to boost the natural immune system, and not be dependent on external drugs to defend the body against microbes. There are many natural programs that can help boost the immunity, as noted above. There are also many natural immune boosters such as berries and mushrooms, which have been used for thousands of years to strengthen the body against infection and cancer. The Wolfberry, for example, is known to boost the immune system, and increase resistance against cancer. People in one province where wolfberries grow, frequently, live to be more than 100, and their longevity is attributed to the healing effect of this miraculous berry.

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