My Night as a DJ in the Fleshpits of Las Vegas! : Part Two

by on January 1st, 2011
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In a previous article, I explained that my Las Vegas Easter back in 1999 had taken a strange twist.
After a nice morning with the wife and kids, we had gone to church and for an Easter egg hunt at Sunset Park. I somehow got called in to work. I was doing odd gigs for a mobile disc jockey service and the manager, Benny, called to send me to fill in for another guy who played regularly at a night club.

The night club turned out to be the Crazy Horse One Saloon, which was located at the corner of Flamingo and Paradise Boulevards. This was a rough and tumble place that had been there for years, competing with the Tender Trap Bar down the street.

The owners had opened a more modern and busy club called Cheetahs, which was featured in the movie,”Showgirls.” The Crazy Horse One became the minor leagues which featured up and coming rookies and veteran showgirls, near the end of their careers.

Things went well on my shift, despite the hungry dancers complaining that the Chinese restaurant would not deliver on Easter. Luckily, there were plenty of Easter baskets filled with chocolate and potato chips supplied by the house mother who stayed in the dressing room.

She had a sewing machine and made good money sewing stripper costumes and making emergency repairs.

We had a mixed crowd with dusty booted construction workers at the stand up bar and Japanese business men getting champagne and ice buckets at their VIP booth. There was excitement in the air because a special guest star was going to appear.

All the way from Hollywood, the Crazy Horse had booked exotic film star “Samantha Strong” accompanied by her bosom buddies, “Lisa Lipps” and “Wendy Whoppers.” She had an assistant bring her dancing music to the disc jockey booth along with an introduction script.

This was the first time any of us had heard “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine . With the opening thunderous riff, I hit the button on the fog machine and lit up the strobe lights!

The customers were toasting with their drinks, cheering for Samantha and there was a lot of fist pumping going on! The guys from Tokyo shook up their bottle and fired the cork across the room which put a crack in the exit sign!

Wendy and Lisa were there to wrap a dry robe around the flushed and excited Samantha. The three of them were standing together like the profiles of Mount Rushmore, displaying the best work of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

This sight made all the men nostalgic as they realized that they would never see another Easter quite as colorful as this one.
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