Martin Luther King III and Ambassador Andrew Young Bring Bounce TV to New Markets

by on November 12th, 2010
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Viewers who prefer their vintage programming with a little more variety and a whole lot of soul should flip the channel to Bounce TV. The new network was officially launched on September 26, 2011. It has already established a presence in 63 television markets and continues to grow, primarily in the East, Midwest and California.

Bounce offers old school programming, movies, sports, original shows and more, all with a soulful twist and an important difference. The network founders promote Bounce TV as “TV, Our Way.” It’s the first free network in America to offer all African American targeted programming.

The idea behind the network

Bounce is currently airing a brief message recorded by Martin Luther King III. He explains the inspiration behind his new television venture, recalling a childhood when “…TV reflected a world that didn’t look like me.” In an Andrew Young quote on the Bounce TV website, he talks about being proud that the network will “… deliver free programming for our under-served community.” Additional founders include Ambassador Young’s son, Andrew “Bo” Young III, as well as Rob Hardy and Will Packer, co-founders of Rainforest Films.

Vintage programming and more

Bounce viewers jump-start their mornings and mellow out their evenings with vintage episodes of “Soul Train.” They can travel back in time with host, Don Cornelius, and the hot musicians and cool dancers who influenced America’s fashion and dance trends for 37 years. Bounce airs daily movies featuring Hollywood favorites, Denzel Washington, Sidney Poitier, Will Smith, Halle Berry, Angela Basset, Eddie Murphy and more. Those who prefer sports action over drama, will cheer the schedule of HBCU football and basketball games.

Thanks to a licensing agreement with Classic Media, children of all ages can giggle their way through Fat Tuesdays when Bounce TV airs back-to-back episodes of “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.” Judge Molly Hatchett takes the bench each day with live action courtroom drama. Gospel Superfest Back Stage Pass offers inspirational and faith-based programming. “Animal Atlas,” “Safari Tracks” and “Teen Kids News” provide youth-oriented, Saturday programming. For a full schedule of programs, visit

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