Make Your Own Kids’ Halloween Costumes – Real Cheap

by on March 7th, 2015
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I learned a thing or two from my mom about making unique Halloween costumes when I was a kid. Read on for five creative (and very simple) kids’ Halloween costumes that don’t have to cost a lot of money.

A Little Old Man (Pictured)

With one of daddy’s dress shirts, a little wig, big-nose glasses, a hat and tie will sure to make your child a Halloween cutie-patootie! You can dress your child warm under the costume!

Dice (Pictured)

Cut the flaps off a big box and place the open end on the floor. Cut out a hole on the top big enough for the child’s head to fit through. When I wore this costume, I didn’t have arm holes, but I had handles inside to hold onto. One of my sisters had to carry my candy bag for me. You could cut out holes for your child’s arms, but it depends on the size of the box and how long your child’s arms are.

Paint the box all white with big black spots to look like a die. With black clothes, a white or black hat, and black circles on her cheeks, she’ll be a “high roller” with candy.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

This costume works great by itself, but works better if you can get two kids to do it together. Dress one child in a purple sweatsuit. Blow up purple balloons and pin them all over the child. You’ve got grapes or rather, jelly. Purple cheeks and a purple hat will finish this costume.

The other child would wear a brown sweatsuit with tan balloons. Brown cheeks and a brown hat will make this “little peanut” butter.

Kitty Cat

Dress your child in a black sweatsuit. A pair of black knee-high socks to cover the child’s hands and another stuffed sock to pin on the child’s behind. Cut out two black felt triangles and glue to a plain headband. Paint your child’s face with whiskers and you’ve got yourself a kitty cat.

Puppy Dog

Follow the same steps as the Kitty Cat (black or brown) but stuff a pair of socks and attach them to a headband for long doggie ears. You could also use a ball cap instead of a headband.

Tip: You can cover your child’s shoes with any of these costume ideas with matching socks.

Happy Halloween!


My mom and my own imagination.

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