Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

by on January 23rd, 2011
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As Halloween approaches your greatest fright may be lacking a costume. For last minute shoppers choices may be limited. If you get to your costume shop and discover that there’s nothing left in your size or that the only things left are not what you want to be seen in, then you may have to make your own costume. But making a costume doesn’t have to be scary.

For many costumes all you need is an idea and a few supplies, many of which may already be in your house. Other items can be picked up at local dollar store, discount stores or fabric stores. That can help make this costume relatively inexpensive. But it will take time, so set aside a few minutes of a few hours depending on how complex your costume idea is.

Here are some sites that give you some great ideas that will have you looking great for Halloween.

For You

Costumes from the closet or second-hand store

9 Awesome Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Junk

Halloween Costumes Can Be Easy and Creative

For The Kids

Easy Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes

Quick Costumes

5 Quick, Easy Halloween Costumes for Teens

And here are more Last-Minute Quick Costume Ideas

Most of these costumes are simple and easy to make. Some can even be thrown together in a few minutes. If you don’t find that any of these work for you, your only other option may be to see if any of the online costume stores have overnight delivery.

Photo Credit: Homemade Blues Blues Costume by Andy101

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