Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries: Shortest Celebrity Marriage? Hardly!

by on August 6th, 2010
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Although Kim Kardashian may be the most recent celebrity to have tongues wagging over her short-lived marriage, she is hardly the first. Kim Karadashian filed for divorce Oct. 31, 2011, after only 72 days of matrimony. Her wedding to NBA player Kris Humphries, reportedly costing around the $10 million mark, was nationally televised in a two-part special aired on the E! network. We always knew money can’t buy love, or happiness, and I suppose this is proof of that statement. Although this was a very short marriage, it hardly comes close to being the shortest celebrity matrimonial union.

According to, a few other celebrity couples weren’t even married as long as Kardashian. Former Chicago Bulls and NBA superstar star Dennis Rodman married Baywatch beauty Carmen Electra in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony. Rodman later filed for an annulment only nine days later, claiming he was severely intoxicated when the nuptials took place.

Mario Lopez of Saved By The Bell fame married actress Ali Landry, whom he had been dating for about six years. The couple separated a mere two weeks after tying the knot, upon Landry learning that Lopez had been cheating on her throughout their six-year relationship.

Bubbly Drew Barrymore’s marriage to bartender Jeremy Thomas lasted only 19 days. Barrymore’s later marriage to comedian Tom Green lasted a wee bit longer, coming in at 163 days.

However, with all of these marriages ending almost as soon as they’ve started, there is one in particular that was started and finished in almost the blink of an eye. Pop princess Britney Spears takes the title for shortest celerity marriage ever, when she wed her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, in a quickie Vegas ceremony. This marriage lasted all of 55 …. no, not days … hours!

I would say these other short-lived celebrity marriages have more than kept up with the Kardashians, but have actually surpassed them with their lack of longevity. Whether resulting from an impulsive decision while in Vegas, or a $10 million televised affair, these unions simply weren’t destined to see happily ever after.

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