Ideas for Decorating with Grapevine Shelves

by on September 22nd, 2010
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Wreaths are not the only types of eye-catching home decor that can be created with grapevines. Dry vines can be twisted and woven into everything from baskets to sturdy shelves. As the photo shows, the vines make fantastic shelf units that are as eye-catching and beautiful as they are useful. Use these ideas for decorating a wall with grapevine shelves, and decorate with grapevines in creative new ways.

Consider an Arrangement of Heart-Shaped Grapevine Shelves

When looking for decorating ideas that use grapevine shelves, consider the heart-shaped variety. They come in various sizes, and they can be used to create a shadowbox effect. Ordinary wood cannot be manipulated to create shelves of this type, and this is what makes grapevines highly appealing. The hearts can be used to create bird’s nests to hold faux nesting material and pretty blue robin’s eggs or birds. This is ideal when decorating with a bird theme or a cottage theme in a kitchen, living room, bedroom or hall.

Display a House-Shaped Grapevine Shelf in a Room with Cottage Style

House-shaped grapevine shelves are unique, but they can be found. Search online to find a vine shelf like the one in the photo. It can be used when decorating with antique glassware, knickknacks and more. Mine is used to display my favorite carnival glass bowl, and it looks absolutely spectacular on my dining room wall. I plan on decorating the roof with dried moss.

Use Grapevine Shelves to Display Natural Decor

What better items to display on grapevine shelves than natural decor? As previously mentioned, this is the ideal shelving when decorating a room with cottage style. Use it when decorating with pinecones, acorns, gum tree pod crafts and more. They can also be embellished with high-quality faux flower heads and vines with green leaves. Just use a glue gun to attach embellishments of your choice.

Create a Focal Point on a Bare Wall

When decorating with grapevine shelves, create a focal point on a bare wall. As the picture shows, arrange smaller grapevine shelves with a larger shelf in the center. Add trinkets and other embellishments as desired. It can look absolutely lovely, especially when decorating in rustic, cottage, eclectic, old-fashioned or country style. The decorating options are only limited by the imagination.

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