I Love Myself Enough to Want More

by on March 5th, 2011
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As I was reading about the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split, one her quotes stood out to me. She said, “I love myself enough to walk away.” How many of us actually can say we “love ourselves enough to… fill in the blank? “

Do we love ourselves enough to leave that verbally and physically abusive relationship? Do we love ourselves enough to get our finances in order to have a better financial future? Do we love ourselves enough to demand respect from our friends and mates? The list could go on, but the underlying theme is how much do you love yourself?

As I sit and think about my past relationships, family members, friendships, and even financial situations, I can reflect on instances where I should have done better. I (or we) should have wanted more for ourselves.

Yesterday is gone and those decisions have been made. However, every day is pregnant with possibility and opportunity. Evaluate yourself, your relationships, your friendships and even your finances. Are you getting what you feel you deserve in those areas? Are you truly happy in those areas? If not, Love Yourself enough to want more!

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