I Have My Pet Memorial Plaque

by on November 10th, 2010
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Losing my first dog was a terrible experience, I imagine almost like losing a child; but as in death, there was closure. For years I did not replace him. Eventually, I got a new puppy and grew very attached to him. The most difficult time for me, was having to give him up.

Dewey was with me for four years. When I got married, I moved to the city, in a different state. Dewey was raised in the country and had no “city” street-smarts. When we moved, he was obviously confused and scared. When he started got acclimated and started to roam the neighborhood, I was greatly concerned about him getting hit by a car. For his safety, I decided to send him back to our home in the country. We were both depressed, but he literally almost died.

Dewey found he was no longer the neighborhood Alpha male and got badly hurt trying to regain his position. He was lonely, lethargic, and would not eat. Eventually, he would just lay under the tree and do nothing. I traveled back to visit and was shocked at his physical appearance. I had been getting updates, but the picture in my mind didn’t touch reality. I had to take him back to the city and nurse him back to health.

Once he was better, Dewey started to roam again. I couldn’t keep him in the yard without a leash. When he was a puppy, we spent many weekends on a farm with cows, horses, and fish in the pond. There weren’t any chickens, because Dewey had eaten them years before. My last resort was to see if he could be happy there.

With God’s Grace, Dewey loves the farm. He is thriving there as a happy and healthy dog. He has domain over 100 acres and can run, play, and swim to his heart’s content. Once in a while I will bring him back to the city for a weekend, but I know deep down he is happier at the farm. I had a pet memorial plaque made with a picture of him which I keep on my mantel. I miss him very much, but for his sake, I believe I made the right choice.

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