How to Make School Spirit Felt Ornaments

by on March 3rd, 2011
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School mascot and spirit ornaments make great, inexpensive gifts to exchange with classmates. Box several to present as a teacher’s gift. These are fun and easy to make!


1 9×12 piece orange felt
1 9×12 piece white felt
Clear craft glue
Orange thread
White thread
Needle or sewing machine
Eliza Fegley’s Cat head applique pattern
Computer and printer
20 black sequins
2 green sequins
1 heart sequin
1 crescent sequin
2 blue sequins
3 orange sequins
1 orange chenille stem
Varsity Regular font
2-inch jar lid
Small black pom-pom
Quilt batting


Print the cat head and cut it out. Trace cat head twice on orange felt. Cut out both pieces.

Glue green sequins on one head for eyes. Snip tip off heart sequin for nose. Glue into place. Glue crescent sequin for the mouth. Glue 13 black sequins onto the face. See photo for placement. Glue remaining black sequins on back head. Allow glue to dry.

Stack both cat heads and align. Sequins should be on outside of both pieces.

Stitch around head with orange thread, leaving an inch open. Add batting then stitch closed.


Download Varsity Regular font to computer according to your computer’s instructions. Type “M” onto a word processing page. Highlight letter and change font to Varsity Regular. Size to 300-400 points. Print the letter for a pattern.

Cut the letter out around its outline. Trace twice on the white felt. Cut out.

Cut out the template’s inner letter. Trace once on orange felt. Cut out.

Use orange thread to stitch orange letter onto one white one. Stitch the white pieces together. Leave an opening at the base of the white letter to stuff. Add batting then stitch .


Trace jar lid twice on white felt. Cut out both circles.

Glue blue sequins for eyes and orange sequins for mouth. See photograph for placement.

Snip 1-inch piece of chenille stem. Place stem piece on snowman’s face and stitch center to hold in place. Fold ends of stem together. Twist for “carrot” nose.

Trace lid onto orange felt and cut out. Fold circle in half. Cut ½ inch above fold, creating two hat pieces.

Stitch white circles together. Add hat pieces to front and back. Stitch all edges of hat. Glue black pom-pom to hat top.

These ornaments are ready in no time! Hang by simply slipping hook into a top stitch.

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