How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft

by on March 7th, 2015
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Everyone needs gold in World of Warcraft; it doesn’t matter if you are a casual player or a hardcore one. Having a large amount of gold is always useful; there is always something you can do with your extra gold over.
This short guide will give you some tips on your playing to get a better economy going. It won’t cover any profession; instead it will focus on how you can play smarter to get what you want cheaper. It won’t generate you any tons of gold over a night, but it will in over some time. You will hopefully get some ideas on how you can stop wasting a lot of your gold and become a richer player.

A social network is essential for success

If you want to gear up your character, you need a lot of resources. From the basic crafting material to the profession that will make you the item. To cover all these, one would have to have almost all professions on a high level. Not many have that and you don’t need to! This is where guild and contacts with friends come into great deal. Having a lot of contacts will make it easier to fix your gear with enchants and other profession items. Just remember, it’s a mutual relation, you have to give to get something. If you’re a new player in WoW, my best advice for is to try to get into a guild. Just don’t join any guild, try to look around for a social and active one. Check with your friends if they can get you a spot in their guild. Play with a lot of people and make contacts, it’s the most important you can do as a player. Not only will it help you out, it will be much more fun playing.

Use Honor points and justice points

There are easy ways in WoW these days to get hands on the crafting materials; one is using your honor points and justice points. Players tend at some point having honor and justice points they no longer have any need for. Use them for buying materials for professions, usually its best to buy enchanting materials. Daily PvP quest is a great way to earn a large chunk of honor every day, and have some fun at the same time.

Choosing profession for an alternative character

Almost all players get more characters than just one, it’s fun to try new classes and races, but remember they can be very good support for your main character. If you are not looking for maximizing the gear and stats for your new character, then it’s probably a great character to have gathering professions on. Gathering professions are not as strong as the other, but without them it’s hard to get the materials you need. Invest in a 280% flying mount or faster one for any char with gathering and it won’t take long before you have earned it back. Fly around and gather herbs and ores, is not the most exciting activity but is a great way to kill time. If you are waiting for someone or something in the game, maybe log your gathering character and take a tour around a zone. I tend do this just before raid; it can take some time before everyone has joined. A perfect time to farm some meanwhile, you can stop at any moment and log back.

Are daily quests worth doing for the gold?

The daily quests are often easy and a great way for new players to get rewards in both items and gold. If you are looking for increasing your gold income, my advice is to look into profession guides instead. Dailies can however be good for a quick extra income, do them if you’re low on gold and there are reputation items you need or other things you might want.

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