How to Create a Hallway Seating Area

by on December 3rd, 2010
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A wide hallway does not have to serve as a simple walkway that leads from one room to the next. If it offers plenty of space it can be also be used as a seating area with two stylish chairs, a desk or side table, a wall mirror and eye-catching decor. A hallway seating area can open up another space in the home for storage, furnishings and more. It can greatly expand your personal living area in amazing and stylish new ways.

My ex husband’s aunt had a very wide hallway in her two-story neoclassical home. It was virtually empty, and she asked my advice on how to create something useful in the open space. I suggested a hallway seating area, and she loved the idea. It was the perfect solution. With proper lighting, the new hallway seating area would give her another space for conversation and more.

Find a Suitable Area for Seating

Before attempting to create a hallway seating area, determine the ideal location. It should not impede foot traffic or become a hazard after dark. Ideally the hallway should be at least two yards wide, and the seating area should not interfere with a door or any other structural element of the home.

Add a Desk or a Side Table

Next, add a desk or a stylish side table. The lady I helped wanted to use a vintage desk in her hallway seating area. We placed the desk before anything else. I centered it on the wall in between two doors, and it became the basis for the rest of the arrangement.

Place a Chair on Each Side of the Main Furnishing

The hallway was wide, but it was not wide enough to keep a chair in front of at all times. I placed a high-back upholstered chair on one side and a standard cushioned arm chair on the other. The fabric and cushioning coordinated well with the color and style of the desk, and they were an excellent choice.

Mount a Beautiful Wall Mirror in the Center

To make the wide hallway appear wider and considerably brighter I mounted a framed wall mirror squarely above the desk. It picked up the reflection from a window at the end of the hallway. I chose a frame style that coordinated well with the other furnishings we used, and it all looked spectacular.

Hang Candle Sconces on Both Sides of the Mirror

My design project was not finished. I gave the lady a choice of candle sconces, and she chose a set that was made from wrought iron and wood. The style coordinated well with the mirror, the chairs and the desk. She did not want to use real candles. I added wax dipped battery-operated candlesticks. They were for decorative purposes only since they did not provide a lot of light, but they looked fantastic. They added a unique decorative element to the hallway seating area, but we were not finished.

Finish the Arrangement with a Throw

To complete the hallway seating area I selected a beautiful tapestry throw to hang over the arm of the high-back upholstered chair. It was a woven reproduction of a Thomas Kinkade work of art. The throw became the signature of the new seating area. The lady was thrilled with the furnishings, wall decor and the overall arrangement, and it led to many more decorating and design jobs that I had the pleasure to create and complete.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

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