How to Attract People to Your Coaching Program?

by on February 9th, 2015
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How to Attract Clients to Your Coaching Program

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to put together a good coaching program that clients will benefit from. But where do you get the clients? With all the time and effort you put into creating a coaching program, you’ll need to spend even more time to attract new clients and fill up that program.

Get Your Name Out There

People aren’t going to be interested in signing up for a coaching program from a nobody. You’ll need to establish a reputation for having a great deal of knowledge in your subject area in order to have any credibility.

You can demonstrate your authority in your niche by using some of the most popular marketing tactics. Writing quality articles that address typical problems in your market will demonstrate your knowledge. You’ll need to post those articles in places where your market will see them. This could include top article directories, related guest blogs, and niche publications. It could even include offline publications.

Social media is one of your biggest potential arenas for establishing your reputation. Find where your market generally hangs out and then begin interacting with them. Create your own social profiles in those channels so that people can interact with you directly as well. This might include Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, depending on your market.

Show What You Have to Offer

Don’t keep all your good content hidden away or people won’t know what you really have to offer. Create free reports, ecourses, webinars and teleseminars that address specific problems your prospects face. Invite them to sign up for your freebie so that they can benefit from your knowledge.

In the free offer, be sure to solve or partially solve at least one of their problems.
If people find your information helpful, they will want to learn more about you.

Use Scarcity and Time Limits

When you get to the point of actually pitching your coaching program, don’t leave it open-ended. If people don’t feel a sense of urgency, they are likely to put off signing up for your offer until tomorrow or the next day. After that, they are likely to forget about it completely.

You can avoid this by limiting the number of people who can sign up for your program and the timeframe in which sign-ups will occur. Set a deadline and tell people that you don’t know when it will be opening up again due to your own time commitments. Stick to your limits or people will never believe them again in the future.

You are asking your prospects to put both their time and their personal growth in your hands. In addition, coaching programs usually cost more than other products people have purchased. With both these factors in mind, you’ll need to make a bigger effort than usual to establish trust and credibility in order to attract clients.

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