How I’m Planning My Family’s August 2012 Trip to Disney

by on October 23rd, 2010
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My family has decided that our next vacation will be to Florida. My children have been dying to see Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando and for the past five months, we have been planning our next vacation, and trying to save money where we can. Here is a look at how we are planning our Florida vacation, and why we are taking our time with the process.

The Details

We are scheduling our vacation for late August and we’d like to stay in Florida for seven days. While we are there we would like to check out the local parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Epcot. Paying for airfare, park admission, lodging, meals and more can really add up, but after shopping around, we found ways to save big money on our vacation.

Saving Money on Our Vacation

I wanted to see where I could save my family money, so I started from the beginning and began researching discount airfare from Philadelphia to Orlando. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. I was able to find round trip airfare for under $200 for each member of my family. Our flight is direct, with no layovers.

Next, I set my sights on cheaper lodging. What I found blew me away. We booked with a site that gives you seven nights, eight days at a Walt Disney hotel, with 3 days admission to Disney World and 2 days admission to Universal Studios for a fraction of the price. Now we will be going to Orlando, Florida for half of what we expected to pay originally. This deal seemed to good to be true at first, but we checked with the Better Business Bureau, and the travel agency is legitimate; and we are pleased as punch.

Our Deadline

The money for our trip is due by August 1, so we have plenty of time to get our vacation fund in order. When we booked our trip, we put down a deposit to secure our spot. Now all we have left to do is continue paying on the cost of our trip, pack our bags and enjoy seven whole days in sunny Orlando, Florida.

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