Hot Toy for Christmas 2011: Bizu Style Studio From Spinmaster

by on October 19th, 2010
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If you have not heard of it, Bizu is a hot new toy. The Bizu Style Studio is the ultimate toy to create and store your Bizu creations. You may be asking what is a Bizu? Bizu are beaded animal jewelry characters that you can mix and match. There are more than 50 different Bizu characters to collect. The Bizu characters are divided into four categories: Rock, Wild, Glam or Funky. The Rock animals come with music themed accessories like drums, a boom box and guitar. The Wild, Glam and Funky Bizu include elephant and monkey figures with horses, cats monkeys each with their own accessory.

Bizu are sold in double and single packs and also deluxe four-packs. They may look like bracelets but with a few moves you can transform them into their animal characters.

With the Bizu Style Studio you can add your beads, twist the dial and the beads come tumbling down the slide, creating new designs. You can wear them as a bracelet or twist them into their animal shape. You can also join three bracelets together and wear them as a necklace. The Style Studio comes with four Bizu: Persian Cat, Zebra, Fox and Puppy Dog.

More information on Bizu can be found on their website. There you can find an online Bizu game and can learn more about the following Bizu accessories. The Special Edition Bizu Gift Pack includes special edition characters and accessories to give your Bizu a little more sparkle and glam. Bizu fans can also add the Special Edition Hello Kitty Bizu to their collection. These two Hello Kitty Bizu come in unique outfits and have an extra accessory. Also available are the Bizu watches and you can carry your entire Bizu collection in the spacious Bizu carrying case.

The result of our review was that my sever-year-old daughter loved Bizu. Since the possibilities are endless for customizing them, it gives this toy a lot of longevity. The Bizu double packs are reasonably priced, as is the Bizu Style Studio and would be a great gift for that creative girl in your life.

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