High Sugar in Diet Makes Weight Loss Efforts Futile

by on March 7th, 2015
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When you get into the thing of dieting and you are dead serious to get rid of those extra pounds, you must be certainly sure as well that you have to put a little sacrifice on other gratifying food. Sugar is the culprit of weight gain amongst the different types of foods. One should have a high sense of discipline in one’s self in turning down to sweets and rich in sugar food. One should be aware of the food intake and the types and kinds of food being ingested in the mouth. As these foods would have a direct effect on your body. Most especially for those women in diet and weight loss program, awareness on the food taken in everyday is very important. It is not only significant that one should only be conscious of the quantity of food taken in but as well the quality. One should learn the different major food items, food contents, composition and be aware of its immediate effects the pros and cons of each individual food.

Sugar or high sugar in food does not only cause a person to gain weight quickly and easily but the fact that high sugar in ones diet can also pose health threats to a person. It is also the culprit in diabetic attacks. Different health ailments and conditions are directly linked and caused by high sugar or rich in sugar diet. Being aware and mindful of the details of the food which one eats will not only help the person lose weight but as well prevent pending debilitating health conditions.

The following are the foods which are high and rich in sugar content that would be detrimental in ones health and as well makes dieting and weight loss efforts futile.

White flour One should be conscious of food made of white flour. White flour will make your blood sugar rise as much as what the refined sugar can do. And when you get too much of the white flour, then your intestines are the ones that will definitely suffer. There will be intestinal infections that can be attributed to the consumption of white flour. White flour is hard to chew. Too much pressure on the digestive system and this is low on fiber. The following are the examples of food items that may contribute to your weight that are made from white flour will include: bread cakes and pastries Pastas

Moderation is the key if you really want to eat food items like these. It is also important to note that any food items that are made from flour have no nutritional value at all and these things may only cause more harm than good to your body so be aware of these things.

Carbonated drinks It is a known fact that soda and carbonated drinks do more bad things than good, and these drinks also deliver the extra pounds for the person. A can of your favorite soda will contain 15 teaspoon of sugar, 150 empty calories, caffeine plus the drink is also loaded with lots of artificial colors and flavoring. You need to be aware of the fact that drinks of this kind is dangerous too since this may contain artificial sweeteners. French fries and donuts These forms of food can add extra pounds as well. French fries and donuts are now known and classified as junk foods. These food items are nice and very delicious to eat but remember that these can be your enemy when you are planning to slim down. French fries and the donuts are deep-fried starches. Before these food items are fried, these are your simple sugars. And the moment these are fried, then their nutritional value is then lowered once again. You also need to remember that all fried foods will contain a number of things that may do harm for your body and your health. Commercial energy bars Commercial energy bars can also help you gain extra weight. Replacement bars are getting the attention now since most people are looking for quick energy and quick fix, and these commercial energy bars deliver what people want. These energy bars can give you that quick energy boost, but in terms of nutritional value these energy bars don’t really deliver on their promise. Almost all of these energy bars have high sugar content. At times you can find energy bars that may contain some nutrients, but this is rare. High sugar cereals You can also gain extra pounds on high sugar cereals. Though cereals are basically known to be beneficial and can be a good source of nutrition due to its high fiber content. But having high sugar on which would convert its benefit to a disadvantage. For this reason, you need to consume these food items sparingly. Some of the more popular breakfast cereals are often packed with the simple sugars that can give you that much needed boost, but in the long run this can give you more health troubles than good. Cookies and candies These are foods which cause for weight gain. These products are often full of sugar. These products may contain sugar at high levels. Ice cream and desserts Ice cream and desserts can also add up the extra pounds on your weight. These foods are also indulged in sugar and starch which can quickly make you gain extra pounds. These foods should be eaten sparingly.

The foods or types of food mentioned above are definitely some of the most common foods which should be eaten sparingly and as much as possible to be avoided most especially by women on diet or weight loss regimen. These are the food items that are rich in sugar and as such you need to stay away from these food items. If you stay away from these food items, then your slimming efforts can go on smoothly. You will no longer need to exert too much effort or you need to revert to medications just to get the results that you want. By knowing these things and by avoiding these food items, then you can say that your weight loss efforts can go on with less issues and less hurdles. Not only one would get and have an effective diet regimen but as well would live a healthy lifestyle.

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