Four Fun Ways to Burn Energy With Your Kids

by on February 15th, 2011
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Keeping my kids active throughout the winter is necessary to our sanity. Since we live in a small house, there are not many places to get away from each other when the stir crazy symptoms hit, so I have to stay proactive. Daily exercise not only keeps the peace among the four siblings, it builds relationships, keeps everyone healthy and in-shape in the off-season.

Walking the dog
Like I tell the kids, dogs do not hibernate. In fact, my pup loves playing in the snow drifts so we make it a point to take her out everyday. The enthusiasm is contagious. Most days, a walk around the block and a few rounds of fetch are enough, other days, we take her to the nearby park system for a walk on the trails. If it were just the kids and I, they would moan about the walk, but since we are doing it for the dogs benefit it is much more enjoyable.

Roller Skating
Roller rinks are a favorite destination when the weather is frightening. While we have given ice skating a try, we all prefer escaping the ice and cold for a few hours in a warm roller rink. I used to play on a roller derby team and skating remains one of my favorite things to do for exercise. Seeing mom on wheels though is funny for my kids, and they love to try to beat me at my own sport!

Crank it and clean
When the house is messy there is just a funk that seems to fall over the family. I like cranking up the music while challenging the kids to clean and de-clutter to the beat. Vacuuming, mopping, dusting and picking up toys is more fun when there is loud music in the background. 80s dance tunes can inspire the most lackadaisical child, especially if they see mom or dad “Walk like an Egyptian,” singing “You spin me round” or bringing out the Michael Jackson dance moves while cleaning the kitchen.

We are fortunate to have sled hills nearby, so we make it a point to use them frequently throughout the winter. Going up the hill carrying the sleds and snowboards provides great exercise! Sleds can also come in handy at home. All you really need is a sled with a rope handle. Take turns pulling each other on the sled. If that is not a possibility, build a mini-snowman on the sled and have your child pull their new frosty friend around.

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