Five iPhone Apps You Should Not Live Without!

by on October 12th, 2014
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The iPhone can be a versatile and extremely valuable tool. From helping you name star constellations to scanning bar-codes the iPhone is indeed an amazing piece of technology. So, what five iPhone apps can be of most use to you?

– This amazing app allows you to connect to Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Skype, and many other messaging services at the same time! This is the ultimate keyring app to organize all of your messaging and social media needs in one place. Not only can it help you stay in contact with your friends, it can help you find new ones. A new messaging service it has launched called Neighbors, allows you to connect to other people in your local area who also use this app. You will never have been happier using its sleek and customizable interface. Hate typing on the iPhone? No problem! This app has the ability to dictate what you say into text. Truly remarkable.

Talkatone – Ever rethink having your iPhone because maybe the plan is sometimes pricey? Think no more. What is so remarkable about this is that it gives you a free phone number to make calls and receive them, as well as unlimited texting. It will use only your data plan. Make free long distance calls with unlimited texting I would have to say this is a must have app for the bargain hunter.

Find my iPhone – It happens to all of us. We lose our phone and are heartbroken. Sometimes we search for hours on end with no luck. Well, say goodbye to those long hours wasted. This app allows you to pinpoint where your iPhone is on a map. I once lost my iPhone at my friends house and when I got home, instead of going into panic I simply activated the app from afar, and I saw it was still at my friends house. No trouble.

AroundMe – On the move but have no idea where the heck you are? Need to find a gas station or want to go grab a bite to eat? With AroundMe, it enables you to know exactly where the nearest gas stations, restaurants and other establishments are. AroundMe is your guide to always finding what you need.

Remote – This handy app allows you to wirelessly control the music that plays on your computers. Very cool for being able to control what music plays in the room and not getting up. It basically turns you into the DJ of the house! With this App, you can control multiple iTunes library’s allowing you to even set background music that plays in your house. From keeping you socially available to effortlessly controlling what music your computer plays wirelessly. Your iPhone is most defiantly a force to be reckoned with as new uses for it come out everyday. There is no telling how it will evolve in the coming years.

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