First Person: My Job Search Isn’t Getting Easier Despite the Better Unemployment Rates

by on December 5th, 2010
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I have not been lucky with my job search this last year. I have applied at McDonald’s, Sonic, HEB, advertising firms, and insurance companies with no luck. I have been persistent in my searches while using my network of acquaintances, newspaper ads, and Internet ads for jobs in the area. The other applicants are very formidable foes as I am not bilingual, a graduate of college, or a participant in the military.

I have met others during my search for employment who have it easy and some who are having a hard time. I simply cannot tell if unemployment rates are going down for sure or not. I will persevere in my job search no matter the time it takes because I have recently decided to look not just for a job but a career that will give me the opportunity to advance my skills and my life not only emotionally but financially as well.

I have considered starting my own business and I am in the process of researching every available option I have. I’ve looked into stay-at-home jobs for data entry, career training for medical careers, and even applied to several colleges to further my education. Here is what I’ve learned:

- It doesn’t matter what job you interview for you should dress professionally.
- Look your interviewer in the eyes.
- Be courteous to the interviewer and always thank them for their time.
- Be honest. They don’t want falsehoods about you they want to know what they will get if they hire you.
- Be positive. It’s a difficult time for job search right now.
- Have fun. If you are visibly bored or annoyed at the interview you aren’t impressing your future employer.
- Be 15-20 minutes early for the interview.
- Bring an extra resume and a rough draft of an application so you have all of your reference and previous employment information at hand.
- If for any reason you have scheduled another appointment the same morning or evening cancel it. Some interviews go through multiple steps and if you get to the second and third interviews you should be prepared to stay if necessary.
- When you are asked if you have any questions always ask a few. If you don’t ask questions it looks like you aren’t interested in the job.
- Do some research on the business you are interviewing at. Most times you can come up with some helpful information for your interview.
- Be prepared to tell the interviewer what you will contribute to the company if you are hired. You should be able to answer within two minutes at least.

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