Farm-Fresh Options in Southwestern Connecticut

by on October 2nd, 2010
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If you’re used to buying locally grown, farm-fresh foods for your table, or are interested in finding some of the best places to shop, here are three local options to consider. From vegetables, to fruit, meats and more, take a trip to one of these great “farm-to-table” suppliers.

Fairway Market

Fairway Market provides local shoppers with farm fresh staples for every food connoisseur. Forever expanding their list of options, Fairway has a large variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables that are found among the standard grocery store fare. Currently in season are several vegetables including beets, broccoli, cabbage and celery root, winter squash and pumpkins. Fruits you can find on the shelves are fresh raspberries, grapes and apples of all varieties. Fairway Market has several new and established locations that can be found on their website Locally, they can be found at 699 Canal Street in Stamford, Connecticut with steady hours of 8am to 10pm Monday through Sunday.

Urban Oaks Farm

Urban Oaks Farm is a vast three acre farm run by Mike Kandefer and was founded in 1999. It is located at 225 Oak Street in New Britain, Connecticut. Here is the best place to find in season fruits and vegetables like figs, arugula, chili peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, kale, lettuce, summer squash and cherry tomatoes. In addition, this farm grows herbs like mint and basil that can be added to any sweet or savory dish. To inquire about operating hours, Urban Oaks Farm can be reached by phone at (860) 223-6200 or online at If you have additional questions or inquiries they can be contacted by email at

John Boy’s Farm

If meat is on your mind this winter season, take a ride out to John Boy’s Farm. John Boy’s Farm is a 185 acre farm that was founded in 2002 and is located at 65 Westchester Avenue in Pound Ridge, New York. Here you will find farm fresh chicken, pork, turkey and smoked meat specialties. To inquire about operating hours, John Boy’s Farm can be reached by phone at (914) 646-4263. It is run by John Ubaldo who can be emailed at

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