December Sestina

by on April 30th, 2014
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‘Tis surely true we live in troubled times,

Needing more than judgment, but a good heart,

Not any man’s claims that he speaks for God.

Love must be our action and our truth,

To change a world of suffering, with love,

Unconditional love for all our world.

We are all the children of just one world,

Wisdom of ages, nations and of times,

Not map lines, but threads showing that we love,

Not fibers of a flag, but strings of heart.

Let us keep vanity from straining truth,

We puny humans cannot speak for God.

Accept there simply may not be a God,

Looking down from above at all the world.

At least, entertain this possible truth,

And own stronger faith for these troubled times,

Keeping all of our people in your heart,

Believing only in a God of love.

Our world, it suffers from a drought of love,

Not money, nor power, or even God.

Using religion to chain someone’s heart,

Will never help our people or our world,

Oppression and control won’t help these times.

Seek humility, and to act with truth.

Mock no belief, in pursuit of the truth,

Atheists and believers all need love.

We live together in these modern times,

And must not let science destroy God,

Nor let our vain God fervor destroy the world,

So, overcome the fickle human heart.

Don’t let the state decide matters of the heart,

Don’t look to politicians for the truth,

But strive to see that our world is one world.

See past enmity, and look to share love,

Build no barriers in the name of God,

We all live together, sharing these times.

Don’t let a partisan heart ruin our times,

Or apply your prejudices to God.

Embrace all the world with arms full of love.

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