‘Dancing with the Stars’ Results Show: Demi Lovato Sang “Skyscraper” While Elisabetta Canalis is Out

by on March 8th, 2015
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Prior to the standard one-hour results show of “Dancing with the Stars” that officially starts at 9 p.m. ET there was a recap show of all the performances from Monday night for those who missed it. Afterwards, you saw each of the couples in the confessional booths venting about their low scores or beaming on cloud nine with high scores. This results show would be different as there were no obvious couples going home. Yes, Chaz Bono had the lowest score, but with his phenomenal support he’s not about to leave soon. There were some possibilities, but only time would tell.

First up were David Arquette and Carson Kressley to await their fates. Luckily for me one of my favorites, Carson, was deemed safe. Arquette was in jeopardy. The encore dance went to the leader of the pack, Ricki Lake and Derek Hough, with their spirited jive. One topic that was noticeably absent on the results show, but burned up the internet all day long was Nancy Grace’s nip and tuck incident on the dance floor Monday night. Apparently Grace denies it, so it’s a non-issue. We’ll see how that plays out in the coming weeks.

The top three scorers of the night: Ricki Lake, J.R. Martinez and Kristin Cavallari are naturally returning next week. Sadly for Chaz Bono he was in jeopardy. You could hear the audience’s disappointment. It was The Script performing first from their latest album “Science & Faith” and the track “For the First Time.” One of my favorite moments of the results show is the Macy’s Stars of Dance. They performed a tribute with a contemporary twist to the lavish Busby Berkeley musicals of early Hollywood featuring body fans draped in large feathers and kaleidoscope-like patterns provided by the female dancers.

Demi Lovato performed a carefully choreographed number with contemporary dancers dancing right by her in very confined spaces as she sang her latest hit “Skyscraper” from her album titled “Unbroken.” Last up were three more celebrities still needing to know who was safe or in jeopardy. Elisabetta Canalis was in jeopardy after a magnificent quickstep. In the end it was Elisabetta that was ultimately eliminated. It probably did her no favors with the pre-performance video on Monday night when she was giving attitude to Mak’s brother Val. Next week will be the first theme week of the season where they must dance to a significant time in their lives.


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