Best Album of 2011: Born This Way by Lady Gaga

by on July 3rd, 2014
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Born This Way was an album released by pop star Lady Gaga on Monday, May 23 rd 2011. It is her second album, following her beginning album The Fame (2008). Born This Way includes 14 tracks that are incredibly beguiling, making it one of the most memorable albums of the year.

Born This Way, was also the first single introduced on the album. This incredibly popular uptempo tune was released on Friday, February 11 th 2011. It was written by Lady Gaga and Jeppe Laursen (Junior Senior). The message behind this song is extremely powerful, as it promotes freedom and loving other people, despite their differences and choices. An array of artists have managed to cover the song, including internet sensation Maria Aragon.

The second single released on the famous Born This Way album was Judas, an uptempo song about betrayal. It is about a woman who is simply in love with a man who has betrayed her. The lyrics are very powerful and have managed to create a lot of controversy, as a result. It was released on Friday, April 15 th 2011. The song possesses a memorable lyric that many women (and also men) around the world can relate to.

One of my favorite songs that Lady Gaga has ever released is definitely Edge of Glory, which was released on Monday, May 9 th 2011 a few weeks prior to the Born This Way album release. Written by Lady Gaga, Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga’s current musical director), and DJ White Shadow, this song has received the most praise out of all of the singles Lady Gaga has released to promote Born This Way. The song is uptempo and sounds like a positive song, but was written about Lady Gaga’s grandmother who was standing over her grandfather while he was on his death bed.

You and I is a beautiful ballad that was released on Tuesday, August 23 rd by Lady Gaga. While in New York City messing with her old piano, she came up with a great melody, as well as, captivating lyrics. She played the song at an event sponsored by Elton John and since then, the song has remained very close to her. It features a guitar riff by Queen’s own Brian May. Shania Twain’s ex husband co produced the song. You and I has been covered by several artists including American Idol’s own Haley Reinhart.

Bloody Mary remains to be one of my most personal favorite tunes on the album simply because this vastly underrated song and fabulous addition to the Born This Way album reminds me of Putting On The Ritz (Irving Berlin) meets Mr. Bad Guy (Freddie Mercury). With the use of an array of instruments and tools, the song is very modern. The lyrics are catchy, however; the melody of the song itself is amazing.

Some of the other songs on the album include: Government Hooker, Americano, Scheibe, Bad Kids, Highway Unicorn (Road To Love), Heavy Metal Lover, and Electric Chapel. Bonus tracks include: Born This Way in two different remix versions. The special edition discs had several varied tracks also. On disc 1, songs such as Black Jesus Amen Fashion and Fashion Of His Love are available, which are not available on the original album. On disc 2, songs such as Judas, Born This Way, Marry The Night, Scheibe, and Fashion Of His Love are all available in remixed versions. You can also purchase more bonus tracks that are exclusively available at places such as Costco.

The notion of this album was based on the hypothesis of reality, with eccentric experimental sound and catchy lyrics. The concept of this album was brilliant and therefore; would recommend this album to anyone. Not only did Lady Gaga manage to create an album filled with an array of genres (which worked well collaborated), she managed to include both uptempos and ballads, making it one of the best albums of 2011.

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