Benefits of a Propane Refrigerator

by on March 7th, 2015
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Many people are discovering the benefits of a propane refrigerator. Also known as an absorption refrigerator, a propane refrigerator uses a propane burner instead of the electrically powered pump normally found in the standard electrical refrigerator.

Among the benefits of a propane gas refrigerator is that it is portable and is available in a number of sizes. The RV propane refrigerator is popular among outdoor enthusiasts and more importantly is more environmentally friendly than its electrical counterparts.

To understand fully the benefits of a propane gas refrigerator you need to know how it works. Ammonia is used as coolant in the propane gas refrigerator. A continuous refrigeration cycle is created using water, ammonia and hydrogen in the five main parts, namely the generator, separator, condenser, evaporator and absorber.

A propane burner below the generator heats the water and ammonia. The temperature of the solution rises and eventually reaches boiling point, at which point it is carried to the separator via a pipe. In the separator, the water and ammonia are separated with the ammonia becoming a gas and rising upwards into the condenser and the water going into the absorber where it is stored for later use.

The benefits of a propane refrigerator depend on this condenser which dissipates the heated ammonia and turns it back into its liquid form. The ammonia is then mixed in the evaporator with compressed hydrogen and forms a freezing vapour inside the fridge.

There are a number of important benefits of a propane refrigerator. For one thing, they don’t need cleaning as often as normal fridges, just once or twice a year is more than enough. Another of the benefits of a propane refrigerator is that it easier to maintain as there is no compressor unit and no batteries that need to be charged.

It is in environmental terms though that the benefits of a propane refrigerator are most clear. Propane refrigerators use a lot less electricity and also don’t contain the harmful substances that contribute to the greenhouse effect that many conventional fridges do.

Because of the benefits of a propane refrigerator, many manufacturers are now producing them.

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