Astro Escapes Elimination on X Factor

by on August 28th, 2010
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Astro, Brian Bradley, landed a spot on the X Factor in part, because of or maybe in spite of, his attitude. That same arrogance and obnoxious attitude almost led to his demise on the X Factor as the young rap artist landed in the bottom of the popularity pole along with Stacey Francis.

Astro, short for Astronomical Kid, has displayed attitude since his first audition, when Simon Cowell told him,” “You are arrogant, obnoxious, argumentative and one of the most talented performers I have seen in a long time.” The 14 year old rapper from Brooklyn, NY, received a pass from all four X Factor judges with his original song, ‘Stop Looking at my Mother’.

As the young rap artist continue to make his way through the competition viewers and judges got to witness glimpses of Astros attitude including the week when all the other contestants danced as part of their performance. Astro told the judges,” I came here to sing, not to dance.”

Throughout the competition the judges continued to laude the young artist, now 15, with accolades. During Rock Week, after his performance of ‘I’ll be Missing You’, Simon told the singer,” I think you have a shot at winning this competition”.

L.A.Reid introduced Astro in Episode 16 as the most popular contestant on the X Factor. So no wonder the following night Asto was blindsided as he found himself at the bottom, along with Stacey Francis in the elimination round.

Astro was visibly shaken almost to the point of tears and his anger showed as he told the judges when it was his turn to preform to avoid being sent home, “I really don’t want to perform. I feel like it’s unnecessary, but I will ask my mentor if he wants me to sing.” Astro went on to preform,’ Never Can Say Goodbye.’

When it came time for the judges/mentors to decide between Francis and Astro, which of the two to send home, Astro showed his arrogance or was it tenacity as he told the judges, “I don’t want to perform for people who don’t want me here”.

Despite chiding from Reid and Cowell the young artist escaped elimination and the judges sent Francis packing. As the show went off the air the judges joined the remaining contestants, minus Astro on stage for the final credits. Stay tuned.

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