Are You Prepared Emotionally for College?

by on November 25th, 2010
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Binge drinking is nothing new. What about those that are handicapped because of binge drinking?

I recall before my daughter left for college, she received several offers from different colleges. This one particular college mailed her a round trip ticket to visit the college for the weekend. She thought that was fine. When she came back from her trip and we talked, she shared that so many of the students just wanted to party and get drunk for that weekend. She shared they seemingly had no concern about the academics of the college or what the college might offer, but rather how much partying and how much they could drink since they were away from home. This was quite a large and prestigious college. She did not expect that and was caught off guard. Because it was a predominantly Caucasian college she emphasized to the administrators that if they wanted her and other minorities to enroll in that college, they really needed to offer more scholarships to minorities. She felt this particular college offered very little with incentives for minority students. Are those students that want to party all the time prepared emotionally for college?

So are college students viewing college as a way to be away from mom and dad and to just do as they want? What is so mystical about binge drinking? What is all the hype of binge drinking? Is it considered a way to be “cool or accepted?”

My daughter received a 4-year scholarship for college. She talked with me one day and told me how she saw so many college students that only wanted to party and have a good time. They were not concerned with their grades. Although she was away at college, she expressed how she appreciated me for helping her. She had been an honor student when graduating from high school. She made the comment, “Those students don’t know how lucky they are.” “They have parents paying their way through college.” She emphasized how I struggle to help my children through college, because I had 2 in college at the same time. She just didn’t seem to understand the mentality of just getting drunk and binge drinking. I never wanted that in my life or for my children either. I never relished the idea of being so drunk that I had no control over myself. Why is it that students feel compelled to binge drink while they are away at college? Is this just a so called outlet from all the studying that they supposedly do? Do the students even ever examine what purpose the binge drinking serves?

Binge drinking is not limited to college students. One evening at a Restaurant I observed 5 ladies sitting together. One had stated she was the designated driver as the other 4 downed tequila shots one behind each other in celebration of a birthday. I was surprised to see this at a restaurant. I wondered if they had done binge drinking in college? I wondered if they had students in college that possibly were binge drinking. According to Web MD, binge drinking is most common among 18 to 34-year-olds and excess alcohol use is responsible for about 80,000 deaths in the United States.

How often do we find students that flunk out their first semester of college, because they assumed they could party and still maintain their college courses? Do you view college as a time away from your parents and a time to “party hardy?” Should parents talk with their students before going off to college and let them know their expectations? Should parents explain to their students there are consequences for their actions? Should parents let their student know if they are not doing their best at college, they will need to pay their own way through college? What is your view?


Web MD, CDC: 1 in 6 U.S. Adults Is A Binge Drinker

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