Are Our Missing Children as Important as a Biker-Stripper Bar

by on January 26th, 2011
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Every afternoon at 2:00 est, the television screen starts being filled with reality programs, or tru t.v. as it is called. You have every kind of mindless adventures that you could want. While a biker-stripper bar owner, who looks 50 dresses and wears his hair like he was 20, takes us on the exciting adventures of owning such a bar. Then we have the endless parade of auto-repossession employees, fighting, cursing, and generally having a great time doing their job. We would be hard pressed to forget the family owned pawn shop where the family fights with each other, customers and whoever happens along. Last but certainly not least, we have the foul-mouth grandma whose son runs a tattoo parlor, motorcycle shop and bar. What a delightful program that is, makes any real grandma cringe. This channel runs real trials from 8am until 2pm est. There is just something sickening about watching a mother on trial for killing her child and then being treated to one of the above programs. This is the television that will truly enlighten a persons mind.

The Real Reality-Missing Kids

While all of this entertainment is enlightening the country, we have thousands of parents who go to bed everynight, missing their kids. They have to get up every morning, not knowing if this will be the day they find out their child has been murdered, buried in a landfill or maybe they will never know what happened to them. When you put yourself in their place, the pain is almost unbearable, and that is just putting yourself in their place. Imagine what it is really like, imagine if it were your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or maybe a friends child. Its frightening to know this could happen and there are no shows that spotlight missing children only. We have programs that will spotlight as many cases as they can in one hour. These cases are new cases, they do not have time to spotlight all the missing children.

How Many Children Could Have Already Been Found?

If we can fill the air with meaningless, waste of airtime programs, why can we not have a channel devoted to missing children. It should not matter if they have been missing a day or 20 years. Look at Jaycee Dugard, she was out in public and no one recognized her. If we had a program that could keep missing children’s faces in the public, she might not have been missing for 18 years. Who is to say?

What A Sponsor Of This Channel Could Gain

While I am sure the all mighty dollar would be a hold up in finding a spot for a channel aimed at missing children. It would have to be one that anyone could watch. It would be less effective if it were on a channel you had to subscribe to. Most children that have been recovered, have not been in the richest part of town. The show would have to be available on regular cable. Any company that chose to have this channel could be sure they could find sponsors, it would be assured that any company that would back this channel would gain customers. It would be the best if there were no commercials, just endless pictures of kids that need to be found and brought home. For every missing child, there is usually someone who has seen something or knows somebody who has information.

Lets Make This A Reality-Not A Dream

This should not be a dream for the future, it should be a reality now. This is a real reality show, the reality of broken-hearted family members, just wanting their babies home. I am sending this by email to all of the major networks and I hope you will do the same. We owe the missing that much and the ones who won’t come home, we owe it more.

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