Alternative Promotional Products Do the Trick

by on March 9th, 2015
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What products do you think of first when you think about promotional products? Pens? Tote bags? Coffee mugs? Key chains? These may be among the most common promotional giveaways, but sometimes they’re not the best suited for your promotional campaign. It’s easy to do the same thing over and over. It’s much hard to think outside the box. Having spent years in business and event promotion, I’ve found that a look around the edges will sometimes offer the best solutions.

Promotional Coasters
While they’re most commonly used within the restaurant and adult beverage industry, drink coasters can be highly effective tools for promoting causes and upcoming events. Organizations that promote designated driving such as MADD, or that promote personal safety such as a rape crisis center, can effectively use promotional coasters to spread their message and promote their organization. Local bars and restaurants may be willing to use, and even help pay for, the coasters. Looking for promotional partners to help cover the costs of promotional coasters is a great way to share the cost. And coasters are one of the most affordable items available. You can produce thousands of coasters for a small price.

As more cities and states became havens for non-smokers in public places, matchbooks remain a cost-effective marketing tool even for non-smoking establishments. Matchbooks offer repeat exposure as the recipient will use the matchbook repeatedly. Like promotional coasters, restaurants and bars are often willing to provide your matchbooks to their customers for you. An excellent way to promote concerts, local artists, art galleries, bail bondsmen, taxi services and other upcoming events. And if you’re willing to pay a little more, personalized matchboxes are excellent promotional giveaways. Matchboxes are available in several unique sizes and shapes.

And while it’s important to promote an event to get the people there, don’t forget to continue to promote your business or organization at the event. Fundraisers often serve food and various snacks, and your guests will need napkins. Custom printed napkins will allow you to continue to brand your organization during the event. Sponsors may be willing to pay for the napkins if you include their logo and contact information on the napkins.

When you take the time to make sure that you’re branding your business and promotional message, don’t forget the drinkware. While coffee mugs, stadium cups and water bottles remain some of our most popular promotional items, there are some less traditional items which are also excellent options for event and business promotion. Paper cups and foam cups may be needed for beverages, hot or cold. And sometimes you can go non-traditional and trendy at the same time. Double wall acrylic cups have become popular in the retail world for a couple years, but are still relatively new in the promotional products industry. These durable cups can be imprinted with your logo, and typically come with a screw on lid and straw.

Look for every opportunity to promote and reinforce your promotional message. And less-traditional promotional items might just do the trick. Whether you’re co-branding your promotional products with marketing partners or going at it alone, custom imprinted promotional products are still a great way to promote your business or event.

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