Aliens from Planet Orb Chapter Two

by on November 5th, 2010
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The dawn was soon to be turning pink as the gray orb sitting near the lake in the park was joined by three identically gray orbs. Simultaneously the orbs exterior gray turned transparent and their occupants stepped thru the transparency as though stepping thru water.

“How goes it?” Terranian spoke to his fellow orbians. The three men were each dressed according to the customs of the area on the troubled Earth that they had been assigned to and they all three shook their heads in dismay. Terralian spoke first, “Things are totally out of control.” The other two orbians nodded their heads in agreement and Terradian added, “People are dying all over the world. No one cares about anyone else and there is total chaos.” “Yeah its almost total anarchy out there with people slaughtering people. Hate and envy are the rule,” spoke Terrazian.

Terranian looked at the long faces of his three Terra agents and spoke with earnest seriousness. “We can’t give up on the human race.” The four orbians fell silent. The moment of silence lengthened and seemed to extend a zilance. Terrazian finally spoke asking his leader the question all four of them were asking themselves, “They seem determined to destroy each other so what do you suppose we should do?” Again there was a moment of silence. Then Terranian turned and looked around him at the colorful dawn. He had never seen a more beautiful planet. Why couldn’t this planet’s inhabitants care as much for each other as they did their selfish desires. Such a pretty place, surely they could somehow learn to live together with such beauty surrounding them. But no… the treasures of this planet seemed to just create more enmity amongst its inhabitants. If this planet was one of totally barren surroundings perhaps then the inhabitants would be forced to get along. Somehow Terranian knew that even then these humans would find something to quarrel about.

The other three agents seemed to know what Terranian was feeling as he admired the scene before him. The birds were singing now and the sun had brimmed. The full color of the wild flowers brightened and filled the surrounding park with their beauty and peace. Terranian turned to face his agents and spoke with force. “We shall not give up on this planet.” The three agents nodded in agreement as Terranian continued. “These humans don’t realize how blessed they are. If they were shown an ugly planet like the one that the Sumacks live on even then they would still not appreciate this beautiful place.” Terralian spoke up and there was a tremble in his voice, “If these humans keep going the way they are headed they will nuke each other and this place will become uglier than Sumakia.” The other two agents nodded in agreement.

Terranian knew that Terralian was correct in his statement and he quickly responded, “That is why we are here… are mission is to prevent the destruction of the human race and their planet. So are you with me?” Terranian was holding his arm out with his hand open flat facing down. The three orbian agents each placed their open hands upon the back of Terranians hand. From their joined hands came a burst of light which sent a ray of light to each of their orbitrons nearby and their pledge to bring peace to this troubled planet was made.

“Terrazian go return to the Eastern Hemisphere and find ten humans who desire peace and then take them to the highest mountain there and teach them words of truth to share with all like thinkers. Terralian go forth to where the west wind blows and search out 5 fighters who will fight for peace. Terradian travel to the southern isles and spread forth your wings of love amongst all the children there. As for me Terranian I shall travel to the north countries and bring warmth to their climate, a warmth that will thaw their January ice-lands. With the bearers of truth high in the mountains and the fighters for peace upon the winds and the love of children in the isles then the rising of the oceans will force the humans to migrate inland. With this unforeseen migration the humans will have to preoccupy themselves with survival. Then perhaps their need to self preserve will cause them to cease their desire to destroy their neighbors. Now go and report to me here in this place in a quilance.” (A quilance is the equivalence of a human week).

The four Orbian men entered into their Orbitrons, the spheres turned stone gray again, and one by one they lifted off to disappear into the morning sky.

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