Album Review: Das Racist – Relax

by on September 15th, 2010
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Hip hop this weird couldn’t possibly not make a name for itself. Das Racist proved this with their first two free mixtapes released exclusively online. What they’ve done now is capitalize on their success in an unorthodox manner that almost mocks the idea itself. With the oddest beats and satirical lyrics, you can imagine them fitting in perfectly as an opener for Kanye West or Gym Class Heroes. Das Racist have devised their own crazy alternative rap style, evident in songs like Middle of the Cake. To them, Relax is a great opportunity to grab eye popping attention from hip hop fans who would otherwise miss out on a band that sounds like De La Soul blended with Yeasayer and Radiohead (Which is no surprise considering the producers and influence). Not to say that the songs aren’t sick, they are that and anything good you could otherwise imagine. From the most lively dance beats, to the wittiest rhymes, and even the most chilled out minimal beats and instrumentalism, Das Racist cover a lot of ground in fifty minutes, in fact, so much, it starts to get a bit overwhelming. On the other hand, songs like Happy Rappy give us their explosive share of obscure indie references “I’m fitter, happier, more productive! Until then I’ll lay at home and bump this Loveless, yeah, that’s My Bloody Valentine”. Just as wonderfully, they throw pop culture references around with a stupendously casual flair. Watch out Eminem! Numerous songs on the album, especially Power, even go as far to parody themselves and anything that hasn’t already been parodied. Jam packed with humor and killer rhymes, Relax seems like an album you couldn’t possibly chill out to; maybe, just maybe, Das Racist’s final joke nugget in the album.

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