A Little Work and a Lot of Pleasure

by on August 2nd, 2010
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James entered the house carrying a stack of files. He struggled to keep the top records from sliding off. Lindsay came back to the office and gave them some additional files to look over. Just to make sure there weren’t any other connected cases. Amazingly he made it to the den without dropping anything along the way. Waiting for him in the doorway was Iris, wearing a transparent negligee.

Iris began walking toward him slowly. A seductive smile crossed her lips as she looked him up and down. “You are up pretty late. . .” Before he knew it, Iris gently grabbed hold of his tie and drew him closer, kissing him passionately.

Kroy happened to enter the den, carrying the rest of the files, where he found James and Iris pawing at each other. He smiled slyly to himself. “Please, do not stop on account of me.” Jonathan commented sarcastically. Iris looked up in embarrassment. Kroy had been witness to many moments like this, but never when Iris was practically undressed.

“I am absent for not even a second and you two are all over each other.” He smiled while passing by. Iris attempted to cover herself, by wrapping her robe around her slender body.

“Maybe you should go change,” James smiled. “He may be here for awhile.”

“I will be upstairs. . .waiting.” She said with her brow raised. “Don’t wait up. You might be disappointed.” Iris looked at him in disbelief. Knowing very well he couldn’t say no. They kissed one more time before she headed up the stairs.

“Maybe I could arrange something. Just give me a few minutes.” Iris kissed him on the cheek and headed back up to the bedroom. James went into the den where Kroy was separating the files in to small stacks on the desk. “Why don’t you start looking through these files. There is something I have to take care of.” James said. From the den Jonathan could hear Iris calling to him from upstairs.

“Is that what you have to take care of?” Kroy snickered. “It’s not what you think. . .she wants me to hang a mirror.” James stammered. “At twelve in the morning?”

“Well. . .it’s a very special mirror.” He replied. “Go ahead and. . .hang your mirror.” Kroy tried to keep himself from laughing. “Stop it right now. I am not going up there to get intimate with her. I will be back in no time at all, you’ll see.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” He joked. James rolled his eyes at his partner’s reply and then ran off up the stairs.

Kroy wasted his time away by sitting at James’ desk in his leather chair, doodling on a note pad. It was all he could do to keep himself busy. He finished arranging the files fifteen minutes ago. Jonathan was overwhelmed by his boredom. He threw down his pencil and headed for the front door. “Where are you going?” James asked. practically beaming.

“A better question would be, where have you been for the last twenty minutes?” Kroy teased. “Just stop right there. You do not need to say anything more.” James wasn’t even going to give Kroy the chance to say something vulgar.

“All I have to say is, that must have been some mirror.” he smirked. “Enough with the crude remarks! Let’s get to work.” James said as he disappeared into the den.

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