4 Obscure but Insanely Useful Microsoft Tools

by on March 7th, 2015
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A majority of people have encountered Microsoft in one form or another, whether through the Windows operating system or through the Office Suite. However Microsoft has many less prominent applications that are extremely useful. Here are 4 I have found to be really useful. These are all tools that I’ve been able to use on my Windows 7 64-bit system.

4. Process Explorer

Process Explorer is like the Windows Task Manager but much more detailed. It’ll let you look at memory usage all the way to “which program has a particular file or directory open.” You can do everything you can with the task manager but this little application is even more powerful. On top of that you can even get a look at how your GPU is doing!

3. Autoruns

Autoruns is a great program to see what’s actually running when your computer boots up. It’s far more detailed than anything else out there and is wonderful for rooting out any malware or wayward programs.

2. Microsoft Mathematics 4.0

The name of this program is quite unassuming but it’s a pretty powerful program. It’s essentially a really good graphing calculator on the computer! Try it out for yourself and see!

1. SyncToy 2.1

If you’ve ever needed to synchronize two locations or devices, this is the program for you! From creating backups to syncing a flash drive with a computer this little application does it well. It’s also pretty customizable – you can completely synchronize or just do one-way additions.

These apps have changed the way I work at my computer giving me more control than I could ever imagine.

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