Your Career Choices – Why Not Look at Your Hobbies?

by on October 21st, 2010
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Most of us have some hobbies, and turning that into an entertainment career or any career can be done. Most think of a hobby as something you do to relax and have fun with. Wouldn’t it be better if you could make a career out of it?

Turning your hobby into a career is easily accomplished. I have done it, and I know of many others who have as well. For me, it was taking knowledge I had learned from other jobs I had, combining it with my hobby of writing and then just going with it. I have a friend who has taken his entertainment career knowledge and used it to start a company. Here are some steps you can use to accomplish this.

Think what value your hobby would have for others. Check into what your product might be worth and how much it would cost to do as a business. Research similar people who are doing this and make sure your new career will be worthwhile to you. You need to be certain that you can make money doing this. If not, then it’s still a great thing to have a hobby. Don’t stop though. You could find something similar to your hobby that would be a great business.

Find out if you need any special training. Some hobbies may need professional credentials or certificates. If you don’t, they could still be beneficial to have. I started writing and was published well before I received any standardized training in writing. . If you do need special training, consider working in a similar field while you get whatever training you need. That way, you get practical experience while taking the classes needed.

Do some searches, and look around your area. Don’t go in blind. Talk to other business owners doing similar work or even complimentary work. These people can help you and later can be great contacts as you become more successful. Read magazines pertaining to your chosen career. Find groups on the Internet that might benefit you. Make sure to contact the Small Business Administration for help.

Put together a simple plan. If after looking into all the above, it still looks like a great idea, then make a plan. A simple business plan is not hard to do, and you can find templates online to help you with this part. It’s very important that you do this. You need tangible evidence for your own peace of mind. You may also need it for financing, depending on the size of your upcoming endeavor.

Start, don’t delay and don’t second guess. Remember, you already love this hobby of yours. You’re good at it. Why not capitalize on it? If your plan is solid, you have done your research and you know you can make money, start! There is nothing better than to get paid for doing something you love. Once you start, I want you to remember something. I’m certain you have heard how the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, it’s true, and you should make that work for you. Do the right things repeatedly and expect the same results.

During your research, you may have discovered that your hobby itself isn’t viable as a career choice. I don’t want you to give up though. With some brainstorming, you could still find what you need. All the research you do can lead you to something that would be an effective career, perhaps an offshoot of what you already love to do. Many hobbies can become home-based business, so why not yours?

Here are a few examples of hobbies that can make good careers.

Guitar Player - Join a band and play, or work parties and weddings. True for any musician hobbyist.

Jewelry making – Maybe you do it for fun and to give as gifts, but people pay for this all the time. How many booths did you see at the last fair you went to?

Crocheting or knitting - Your beautiful work would certainly be a welcome addition to someone’s home.

Writing - See all this I wrote? They paid me for it. How great is that! There are many places you can write for, both online and freelance.

Photography – All those pictures you take because you love it, other people do to. Weddings, parties, magazines. They all pay for good photographers.

Drawing - This is a skill I wish I had. Comic books and strips, magazines, art shows. There are so many ways to make money with what you think of as your doodles.

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