Why You Should Never Refuse Gifts

by on December 31st, 2014
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Giving is a way we express gratitude. We lift up the lives of others. We uplift ourselves. Almost every religious book in history mandates or suggests giving as a way of living. Yet many people refuse to receive and wonder why they do not have much.

I remember times when I was offered money for gas, expensive gifts, shopping sprees and I said no. There were many excuses as to why I said no to these gifts. I felt that God would bless me, so I did not need any man to bless me. Sometimes I did not want to feel I was somebody’s charity case. Other times, I felt the person could not afford to give me what they were giving me. I made the decision for them that they should not give.

Many have the excuses that I had about receiving money and other gifts from others. The truth of the matter is that each one of us who refuse gifts from others deep down we feel undeserving. We don’t think we deserve it, unless it drops out of the sky from God.

However; it never happens like that. God has never just dropped money out of the sky or a new house hasn’t appeared out of the Cosmos with anyone’s name neatly typed on the deed. Gifts from God come through other people.

When you’re low on gas and you pick an older lady up who is walking in the rain and she offers you $20. Well, that’s God.

When you need some clothes and your friend offers you a $500 gift card to Macy’s. That’s God.

When your favorite client brings a new car to your home to thank you for being there for them in time of need. That is no time for you to turn God away by saying the gift is much too expensive and you can not accept it. Your car is on its last leg. That’s God!

Plus imagine how you make that person feel. The old lady goes in her purse with pride to pull out $20 for you! She is on top of the world that she has an extra $20 to give and you just saved her from the rain. How dare you steal that moment from her? How dare you?! Just receive.

Your friend complains about your old clothes and she got a real big bonus at work. The first thing she thought of was getting you that gift card. Do not tell her never mind. She’s been excited since she heard the bonus was coming. Are you going to steal her weeks worth of joy in just one moment?

The client with the brand new car. You have changed their life. You called them when they were sick. You sent cards and even dropped by on their birthday. No one else did. When they were driving by the dealership, they thought about how your car always stops on you and how great you have been to them and how much you deserve a car that runs great. They run in and do not do an ounce of haggling. They pay for the car straight out so they can quickly get it to you. The car lost tons of value as soon as they drove it off the lot. Will you be such a selfish beast and not accept?

Think of it this way. You’re so excited because you just won $250 in the lottery and you go buy your friend that new $100 watch that she has been stalking. You hate it, but she loves it, and you catch it on sale for 50 bucks. All sales final. What if she said she couldn’t accept it? Wouldn’t that kind of bum you out?

Receive every gift you are given. You will feel a lot of joy because of it and the person who gives to you will feel joy as well. Allow them to receive this joy in full. Do not just take the gift and say thank you. But take it in full joy! Laugh, hug and be merry. Bless you on the next gift you receive.

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