Where Shadows Never Walk

by on October 17th, 2010
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Your solemn glow invokes a fevered spell it casts

upon those of us who follow the flicker that warmly beckons us

And though I heed that subtle call of night,

which promises a dream within its softly-burning light,

I have been numbed by cruelest hand of fate… and yet, as I draw near,

your heat revives in me… a wistful reverie – the faintest glimmer

of some never-promised hope

A wish that lingers there… and floats

Upon nothing but thin air;

the wings of wind itself… so tenuous, un-anchored

as the intangible whisper that could so easily be drowned again

by reckless damaging din of thunderous threats of harsh rememb’rance

blowing far beyond where frailest mem’ry fails,

and all-too-soon forgets to stoke the remnants

Thus I am born again amid your fire; reborn betrothed to thee;

the keeper of the torchlight of your care;

my light shines only that [your] light… might still be there.

Within the essence of your molten wax drips down an omen

that our union was more profound than merely choice.

The source of your deepest passion forever remains my one true North;

the only bearing needed for me to reach my long-predestined course.

So I shall pray for you and wait for you;

and I shall ever lay in state for you… suspended; un-alive

for this dreaded point in time when you cannot even speak;

though I shall never fail to hear your breath upon the ether;

no matter how frail or weak… always know that I am here.

For if perfection could be scribed in script;

its eloquence would ache to be the very words within your heart;

and if my life could be a wick; a candle dipped and lit for any sake…

the blaze would signify that you and I shall never again find ourselves apart.

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