Where, Oh Where, Have All the Good Movies Gone?

by on December 30th, 2010
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Everyone remembers the days when they’d pack into their cars and head out to the local movie theaters. I, personally, can recall seeing a movie that was such an amazing experience I had to hop in line again, maybe a couple times. If my parents handed me a twenty dollar bill, I knew I’d be able to enjoy a popcorn and beverage while still being able to check the movie out a couple more times. If I gave my son a twenty today, he may be able to see a movie and maybe get a beverage, he’s probably not going to get the full experience that I had as a kid.

Technology has a lot to do with the surging costs and while we may love the advancement, it’s really ravaged the motion picture industry. I used to love checking out a 3D motion picture, because it was such a rare commodity. Now, movies are being released in 3D all the time. I’m sorry, but not all movies should be adapted into a 3D experience.

Seriously, do we really need to see girls’ assets bouncing before our very eyes? Sure, there are some movies that benefit from the use of 3D technology. Is it really worth $18 for the experience?
Prices are so high right now, that I’m willing to wait a few short months for them to be released on DVD or Blu-Ray. Even then, when I see the stuff coming out, I’m always thinking in terms of what if I’d have paid to see that at the theater.

I just saw Moneyball a few weeks back. Yes, it was a really good movie with stellar performances. However, if I’d have seen it in the theater I’d have been sorely disappointed. The reality is there are very few movies I’ve seen recently, where i had thought “man, I wish I’d have seen that on the big screen.”

My senses have to be overwhelmed, for me to consider what i want to see in the theater. E.T., Star Wars A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi were movies that left me reeling, completely sated in the experience. Dances With Wolves and Titanic swept me up in the era. Major League, Home Alone, and Back To The Future struck my funny bone.

There are some movies in the near horizon that have the potential to deliver on the experience, however there’s also a chance that I’ll be highly disappointed. I swear, whenever I’m standing at the ticket counter, I see Dirty Harry sitting behind the glass. I can hear him telling me, “do you feel lucky punk? Well, do you?”

With this economy, $18 is a risk we’ll have to take. I know I, for one, am probably not going to take the chance any time soon. I’m also fairly certain that I’m not alone in feeling this way, which is sad. Hollywood, if you’re listening, we need you to bring your A game. We won’t tolerate anything less.

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