Twinproofing Your Home

by on January 3rd, 2011
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If you are expecting or recently had a baby, chances are you are well acquainted with the many methods of babyproofing your home. But if you are welcoming multiples into your life, things are about to get a bit more complicated. Twinproofing your home requires more effort and planning than simply babyproofing, because as the saying goes, twins are definitely double trouble!

Double the Muscle

Twins have a way of working together to get the job done. From a very early age, twins will push, pull, and shove anything they can to get to what they want, and because there are two of them, they are able to get traction on things you would never think of a single baby moving. As soon as twins can stand, they can work together to push a low-profile window open and climb outside. When twinproofing, make sure you have secured all heavy furniture to the wall before the twins can pull up, and put guards or gates on windows that you do not intend to keep locked at all times.

Double the Ingenuity

Climbing is so much easier when you have someone to hold the ladder, isn’t it? Twins figure this out often before they can walk. They also have a way of communicating with one another to better accomplish their mischief. A twinproofed home should be free of the large toys like baby gyms that two babies can push together and then climb on to reach tabletops and counters. Exterior doors should also be equipped with chain or slide locks high enough that toddlers cannot reach them even from on top of a chair.

Double the Distraction

Any mom will admit sometimes you blink and the baby who was just playing contentedly with his blocks is crawling full speed down the hall. When you have twins, you have to worry about Baby B taking off in the opposite direction into the kitchen while you are chasing Baby A toward the bathroom … or changing a diaper, or cleaning projectile vomit, or whatever. Twinproofing requires preventive measures, lots of them, in the form of extra gates and latches, because you never know what one twin will get into while you are distracted with the other.

Yes, twins can be double trouble, but they are definitely double the love. And they can be double the fun if you take time to twinproof your home.

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