Tricks to Scoring Bargains at Online Retailers

by on August 18th, 2010
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There’s nothing like scoring a bargain especially when shopping online. To save even more, here are some tricks I like to use.

1. Play the waiting game to snag a lower price.
It can be hard to do but waiting a couple of days before purchasing an item from online retailer can help you snag a lower price. The prices on online retailers frequently change, so waiting even one extra day could mean added savings if you’re not in a rush. To check price changes quickly, what I like to do is add the products to my shopping cart and then pick the save for later option. That way I can check back anytime and I don’t have to search for the items again.

2. Invest in a membership to save on shipping.
Scoring discounts on shipping is crucial when buying from online retailers. High shipping costs can make a simple purchase expensive, if you don’t look for discount codes or free shipping specials in advance. Also some online retailers offer free shipping for yearly fee. So if you do a lot of online shopping, having a membership could be very beneficial in the long run and you might be able to share with other family members.

3. Outlet stores have the biggest bargains.
Another trick I use to score bargains is visiting online outlet stores. They sell items marked down to ridiculously low prices. I’ve also found refurbished and returned electronics in excellent condition at rock-bottom prices through online warehouses. To find out if your favorite store as an outlet division, look for a outlet tab at the top of the site page. To snap up items before they’re sold out, I would also suggest subscribing to newsletters. I find about most deals through the e-email alerts I receive, letting me know about special savings in the categories I’m interested in. If you like to read Kindle books, you can buy them for a couple of dollars or even snag them for free with limited-time promotions. You’ll get a heads-up on the latest deals through the newsletters or alerts.

Shopping online is very convenient but it can also be very expensive. Just like storefronts, online retailers know how to persuade customers to spend more. So to prevent that from happening, you have to know where and how to find savings. Once you master these tricks, you’ll save more money on everything you buy.

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