Timber Cooling Towers

by on October 5th, 2015
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Water cooling towers are designed to meet higher efficiency at lower operating cost. Fans, gear boxes, fill and drift eliminators are optimized and integrated to deliver maximum cooling at a minimum applied horse power. Timber Cooling tower provides more wetted surface area for uniform water distribution, and higher heat transfer rate. The structural timbers are made out of pine wood (or) chirr wood. The wood is effectively seasoned and chemically treated to withstand against biting, fungus and termite etc. The wood assures a good longevity. Various types of preservative treated wooden splash bars, PVC bars are employed depending on the applications. A wide range of fill materials with different shapes are available, applicable as per the design and application. Fills are designed to offer maximum splash surface and wetted surface, resulting in a high heat transfer rate. The wooden fills are supported on FRP /SS grids which assures positive & permanent positioning, thereby assuring a more uniform water distribution.

CCT timber cooling towers are of two types viz, atmospheric cooling tower and mechanical cooling towers. Atmospheric towers are only for smaller capacities and mechanical draft towers are for higher range. Induced draft cooling towers are highly popular due to sucking of air from the tower and exhaust at the top or side. Boiler waterproof plywood [marine grade], asbestos, treated woods, ss or hot dip are employed. Galvanized bolt and nuts are used in the timber cooling towers. Marine grade plywood is used for hot water chamber in timber tower. The water is distributed evenly by nozzles due to gravity; therefore the need for extra pumping cost is eliminated.

Timber Cooling towers are useful for chemical plants, air conditioning plants, induction furnace, injection moulding machine, chilling plants, oxygen plants, diesel generating sets and heat exchangers. It is used in steel industries, cement industries, chemical industries, and water effluent treatment industries.

Timber cooling system offers excellent mechanical strength, durability and higher efficiency. Timber towers meets international standard as it designed by skilled manpower having vast specialization in cooling tower manufacturing. Our dedicated engineers shoulder the responsibility right from the concept development to the product manufacturing. We have integrated time tested developmental tools and techniques in the standards. Our commitment to Research & Development delivers streams of new product as well as refinement in existing materials & process.

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