The West Prepares for the Next Round

by on March 7th, 2015
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Most be hard to find the prowess in charge to command the next war, but it is clear the US pulled out the ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, because of safety concerns . The US ambassador definitely will be at risk when the coalition of the willing begin drooping heavy bombs over there. Rather soon I will guess.

Is it that Western leaders just want more ammunition sales and cash? The west just got rid of tyrant, and democratic values are gaining momentum, but that seems short for those who want everybody to wear jeans and eat ‘Big Macs’. Either you are with us or against us is potentially the cliche of the moment.

Here is the thing. The Western political animals are going for more, and they are making sure everybody knows the next conflict is already drafted. And certainly we have Western leaders from left to right and up and down admitting they had something to do with the fall of Gaddafi, therefore they have the right to be credited on the comic strip.
Translator’s note: apologises, I meant ‘coming script’.


The tyranny of a prince in a oligarchy is not as dangerous to public welfare a the apathy of citizen in a democracy

Ch. Montesquieu


Now that Gaddafi is out of the way its time to move to the next target and begin layout the weaponry, assets, fuel, etc. It is almost sure they had their cannons facing in that direction and they are adjusting the aim. Wouldn’t it be better to make sure Lybia flourishes as real democracy, moral, and fairness, before embarking on the next killing binge? But that is too much to ask. The Western is really back on its routine.

This flashes the Western motives. A desire for profits and disregard for human life is out of question, they say. But the mood is that there’s a direct link between what the coalition of the willing just did, and what they are about to do: go after another non grata and architect his downfall. And shoot as much as they can.

It is obvious is that the Western leaders are rejoicing, and some of them are regurgitating over the kill of Gaddafi and for the intervention in Libya. But please find another way, besides destroying a whole country, to catch the rogue one. I think the tyrants-mother-flickers will not run away because we all know who they are, where they are, where they hide, and we even know the oasis they whiskey from.

For regular man is it to much to ask for cautious action against the malaises of humans? Although the plans are ready to go, the way of the sword creates more chaos and shows that democracies are as ill managed as the Axis of Evil.

The truth is that wiping Libya’s infrastructure did not bring the mases to the Western cause. Rather it showed, clear case is the city of Sirte , that many -too many- are willing to die for their leader regardless what the Western says the leader is.

Waiting for the disintegration of a rogue regime is admittedly slow and causes prolonged suffering for that regime’s people. Yet if there’s one thing worse than a lunatic in charge is a mob of lunatics lynching a man that should have been brought to justice rather than killed.

And lets not forget that the mob who killed Gaddafi were supported by law abiding organisms around the world. What does it says about the West and its democracies?

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