The Top Tree Service Companies in Litchfield County, Connecticut

by on March 7th, 2015
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Located in the northwest section of the state, Litchfield County, Connecticut is known for its large expanses of woodlands and trees. There are several top-rate tree service companies based in Litchfield County and they regularly provide a wide range of services.

Presented here, in an effort to assist the consumer, is an article which offers brief profiles of the top tree service companies located in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

Acorn Tree Care..82 East Litchfield Road, South Litchfield, CT..(860) 489-9492
This licensed and fully insured tree service company regularly provides comprehensive tree care to the Litchfield County area, with a range of services offered.

Care and maintenance of trees and plants, tree pruning, large tree installation, sprays, fertilization and tree removal are offered by Acorn Tree Care.

Tree Choppers..Northfield, CT..(860) 283-4795
Tree Choppers is well known for offering high quality tree care work at fair and honest prices. This licensed and insured company provides tree removal, chipper service, firewood, stump grinding, lot clearing and snow plowing services.

Free estimates on tree work are offered by this Litchfield County, Connecticut tree service company and bucket truck work is available.

Advanced Construction and Tree Removal LLC..87 Boardman Road, New Milford, CT..(860) 355-3222
Full service tree work is provided by this Litchfield County company. As their name suggests, this company excels in tree removal services. All sizes and types of trees are removed by Advanced Construction and Tree Removal.

Fertilization, disease and insect control and stump grinding are just some of the jobs performed by this Litchfield County, Connecticut tree service company.

Advanced Construction and Tree Removal LLC uses modern equipment and maintains an impressive fleet of trucks. All debris from this fully insured tree service company’s job sites is recycled.

Arbor Services of CT, Inc..Washington Depot, CT..(860) 868-1930
Complete tree care and service are offered by Arbor Services of CT.

Among the services that are provided by this fully insured company are tree removal, planting, transplanting, pruning fertilization, disease and insect control, stump grinding, cabling and more.

Entire Tree Services..Colebrook, CT..(860) 738-4343
Entire Tree Services offers full service tree work to residential, municipal and commercial customers. This fully insured company specializes in removing large trees and they also offer a wide range of other services.

Some of the services provided by Entire Tree Services are bucket truck service, holiday lighting, chipper service, storm clean-up and crane removals. Pruning and shaping, logging, land clearing, firewood and cord wood are also provided by Entire Tree Services.

Free estimates are offered by this Litchfield County, Connecticut tree service company.

Affordable Tree Services..155 Babbling Brook Road, Torrington, CT..(860) 496-1564..(860) 805-3299 (Mobile)
This fully insured Litchfield County, Connecticut tree service company is known for providing high quality tree work at reasonable prices. A broad spectrum of jobs are performed by Affordable Tree Services.

These include tree removal, shaping, trimming and topping, pruning, including artistic pruning and corrective pruning, stump removal, stump grinding and all types of large tree servces.

Other services offered by this Litchfield County, Connecticut tree service company are lot clearing, hauling, chipping, storm and wind damage repair, wood chips, mulch and firewood.

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