The Revolution Will Not Be Televised- a Message from Hurricane Irene

by on November 9th, 2014
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Yes, I’m a poet but don’t think that because I fit nicely into a set of conscious stereotypes, this message is just for one type of person- its for you too! Yes, you and no I’m not just talking about a spirit filled call for social revolution, like turning off your phone on a date or unplugging from your Facebook fans to create a “real life”! I’m also talking about your personal revolution and the day you decide that its going to begin. Is today that day? After all, its simply a matter of – choice.

How much attention do you think the average person pays to the synergy of “seeming coincidences,” I’ve had a few of late and they were each a wake up call. The first was a chance meeting that turned out to be life changing, the second an opportunity to challenge myself by training for my first half marathon and the third, well that’s personal let’s just say it was “a personal call to re-up my discipline”- all solidified by the event of Hurricane Irene.

Did you know that Hurricanes are classified into five categories? Wouldn’t life be grand if personal drama were limited to such segments? Well, in a way, it is. Life comes at you fast in a similar fashion to the wind speed of a hurricane and we often think everything is ok when its not (also known as the perception of the ego) a.k.a the calm in the eye of the storm. But my real question is why do so many of us wait for a category five “internal hurricane” before we take action, when we see the damage all around us? I believe the answer is – FEAR.

Watching my neighborhood respond to Irene was a lesson in human nature, many like myself continued our routines, gym, errands, checking in with loved ones, making sure we had supplies but many exhibited fearful tendencies such as hoarding supplies (that were returned the day after). I believe that difference between each person was information and experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to live all over the world from Korea, to various parts of Africa, London and finally- various cities in the United States. So, like many I ‘ve seen my fair share of natural disasters and have a perspective on life, preparation and my own limitations in the moment. Many don’t and I now realize what an amazing gift my journey has equipped me with.

As a yogini, one of my favorite yogic principles is the notion of Sva. Sva in essence is a return to our inner core, to our “self”. I like to imagine Sva as the discipline of cultivating my internal power. In the words of Alanis Morrisette, “isn’t it ironic,” that the technologies we have supported in hopes of increasing our “me” time have actually done the opposite? For many, being “plugged in” is actually an excuse to avoid, delay and re-posture against the inevitable life event of “confronting personal demons”. As a free thinking woman, I just can’t relate. Its illogical, even as I child getting vaccinations , I looked at the needle. I knew it was coming so, I just faced the fear.

Aaaah, there go those annoying, “time to grow up” concepts, “compassion” and “choice.” Choice as in, in this Western world you always have one. Compassion, as in, note to self- I respect the experience you desire for you life and it is not my place to judge it. But I wouldn’t love you as my fellow human being if I didn’t ask, “what are you choosing?”

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