The Psychic Nature of Vampires

by on August 14th, 2010
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Today, most people think of vampires as blood sucking creatures of myth. The traditional definition of a Vampire is a living corpse whose sustenance is human blood. Vampires are also believed to be the demonic servants of Satan. The vampires’ bodies are truly dead, but in a state where decomposition has been suppressed supernaturally or whereby a spirit inhabits the body, they appear human but cannot be recorded, filmed or seen as a mirrored reflection due to the fact that vampires are not of this age, but rather of one from the past. Until a vampire is taken over by it’s thirst for blood, it would be impossible to tell the difference between the evil creature and a human.

Currently there are no such vampires and very little evidence of their existence remains. Today, people who practice vampirism are known as Sanguinarians. These humans drink the blood they receive from willing donors, although there is not much point as the human body cannot digest blood and it is released as waste or through the lungs. There have been those who suffer from mental illness and are under the delusion that they are true vampires and these cases often commit terrible crimes, often even murders trying to imitate a genuine blood vampire.

In South America, the Chupacabra is a legendary creature, part humanoid, partially animal that is the last of the vampire race.

Blood vampires have followed an evolutionary path and become more advanced in the use of their minds. Modern vampires are of a psychic nature. They are humans who have the power to sap the prana of their victim. The prana sought by the vampires is the life force or “chi”. Prana has many levels, variations and classifications and the aura is the expression of an entities prana. When a psychic vampire attacks someone, their aura fades and the vampire’s becomes stronger. This effect may last in the victim for many days or even weeks, as it is very difficult to return to a normal level of prana with a diminished aura. Repetitive attacks could possibly cause irreparable damage.

Psychic vampires can enhance or further develop their abilities with the use if mind altering drugs or through meditation. Their power can be the result of infection via the mind or it can be inherited. Blood vampires, many thousands of years ago were the result of psychic vampire interbreeding with humans.

There are two categories of psychic vampire: Subconscious magnetic vampires and conscious astral vampires.

The magnetic vampire is a living being that consumes the prana of those around him without being aware of it most of the time. They tend to be nomadic, observing the effects of their presence, but refusing to accept what they are causing.

The astral vampire is usually undead and can astrally project from it’s grave to absorb the life force of it’s victims for it’s own use. Astral vampires can also be living and be conscious of what they are. Their technique is usually to concentrate their energy and mind on the mind of the victim, gradually weakening them until they are able to easily take their life force from them. There are also very advanced astral vampires who are able to find their victims by propelling themselves into the astral realm. These are the most volatile and dangerous of the conscious astral vampires.

Nowadays there are three classifications of psychic vampires. The first is symbiotic, emotional vampires. These vampires have a positive energy and tend to absorb any negativity such as emotional troubles, illness or bad thoughts. They do not absorb any energy that might be detrimental to them. They may be able to change the contradictory nature of an enemy.

Next, are the elemental vampires who feed off natural energies such as crystal sand ley lines, perhaps even stormy weather. The elemental vampire can be quite neutral while feeding off naturally occurring phenomena, but will only do this until they find a victim.

Lastly there are the sexual vampires. Their role is obvious from their name and they tend to be of a negative orientation. If you believe yourself to be in the company of a psychic vampire it would be best to confer with an experienced psychic vampire to confirm your suspicions.

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