The NBA Lockout is Over

by on March 7th, 2015
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Two months ago, I wrote an article about the 10 reasons why the NBA Lockout Needs to be over (You can read it HERE). Finally, the owners and the players were able to come to some sort of compromise and give the fans what we want and deserve. I am disappointed in the players and the owners for taking so long to come to an agreement. Many of the players were disappointed in Micheal Jordan since they believe that since becoming an owner, he has forgotten that he was once a player himself. The owners and players were fighting over what percentage of the revenue made they should get and neglecting the fact that it is the fans putting that money in their pockets in the first place. Luckily, the NBA has such devoted fans that they are excited to go back to spending their money. This was the fourth lockout ever in the history of the NBA. The lockout lasted 149 days! The first games will be on December 25th (awesome Christmas present, no?). The three games will be: Celtics vs Knicks, Heat vs Mavs and Bulls vs Lakers. I am most excited about the last game since I am a devoted Lakers fan and a Derrick Rose fan. I am still waiting for someone to offer to take me to the game.

Hopefully everything will go as planned and we can have basketball this season. I also hope that the time off gave the players a chance to get back in great shape and gave their injuries a chance to heal. I can’t wait to see the Los Angeles Lakers dominate!

At 2:55 ET, David Aldridge will be on CNN discussing the details of the tentative agreement reached between the owners and the players.

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