The Hellcat

by on March 7th, 2015
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“There are those who say our solar system is like an huge atom, and if a particle of that atom is split it could be like a nuclear bomb exploding at a much larger, cosmic level. Next question?”

Reon de Leon, a pioneer from Japan asked. “What exactly are sunspots?”

“A good question. While there are different theories, violent storms on the surface of the star, a cataract disturbance, and others, one of my favorite theories is a humorous outlook about a …” Suddenly a bell rang. “Class dismissed- we’ll continue our discussion tomorrow.”

Later that night, from out of the sun shot forth a single force, hurtling 93,000,000 miles through space, unseen by human eye, until 8 seconds later a tremendous splash stomped the sleepy, midnight waters among several fishing vessels of the Bering Strait, soaking predawn observers who rushed from bed to topside observing a storm of salt water spray and hissing, steaming foam.

Fishing vessels from several nations were within view but it was an old seaman on lookout from the United Nations Peace Corps Engineers Rescue, Research, Development, and Distribution station in the area that stared, gulped, pointed, and gasped in awe as shipmates joined the deck, ” I thought I saw a…”

Amidst the storm filled flow of sea spray and heavy rocking waves yet another source of spitting spray and tumultuous waves began as a huge beast emerged, erupting wildly from the depths of the ocean, landing on an iceberg, within its jaws a very large, angry, flopping blue whale!

The creature slammed the whale down to the cutting board that was the tip of the iceberg and chewed and chewed and chewed. Not even the tiniest bit of blubber was left clinging to the fresh mountain of bones that had been licked clean and lay on the frigid, barren stretch of ice and snow. The crewmen watched in silence as the massive creature sat on its hind end and began to lick itself clean of any grease and grime on its fur that might have been left by the whale it had just devoured. In the ebbing hours beneath the northern sky every sailor saw this huge, charcoal gray-black creature rise to its feet, walk to the edge of the iceberg and down, into the depths of the ocean as it disappeared into that bottomless deep. The iceberg and waters around the ships were still steaming from the heat of the creature’s body. The creature they had seen was a giant, well fed cat!

“Cat Eats Whale!” rang the headlines of news stories around the world. Armed forces were put on alert across the globe… days later it appeared again.

On the Moon, where it rubbed its face, neck, and shoulder on the upper edges of a United Nations free waves communications tower, soon found a crater filled of dust, where it deposited a number of Moon boulders- still steaming in the airless zone! … and those in the Moon outpost and elsewhere could only observe.

Another morning the huge, silent creature was discovered sleeping among the sands of the desert, alongside the Sphinx. Beneath the shadows of the moonlit clouds they could have been twins.

The creature was surrounded by an alert Mid East Peace Corps team but to no avail. Soldiers, tanks, and other forces were destroyed or immobilized… the creature moved on.

Passed the Taj Mahal, then rolling in an icy glade of the Himalayas, then rumbling south to the China Sea where the Ming and Aussie Peace Corps men and women attacked with their armies. The fight lasted longer as the beast was furiously attacked by forces from the air, land, and sea but again- to no avail.

The beast flew, then ran north, through the Steppes, and west, across Europe, demolishing forests, factories, grain fields, and homes- the heat of its focused breath burning everything in its wake.

The beast flew south, across the Atlantic Ocean, where it finally pounced upon a midnight snack in the valley of Brazos, herding thousands of stampeding cattle into its mouth, a quick stop rolling and chewing in a hot pepper field near the Gulf Of Mexico, then to the lakes of North America where it’s tongue galloped tons and tons of water into itself.

An emergency UN security team met and decided, “We can’t have this!” In a matter of minutes an airship from the United States, configured its PTEL (periodic table of elements laser), teased the cat with molecular, lightning like stink bomb beams, leading the beast west across America until it reached the Pacific Ocean, being met by flying forces from Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan, and China. One ship was destroyed as the feline sneezed a well aimed hairball at the craft, and the pilot safely parachuted to a rescue team below. The combined force of the several united nations’ air armada led the cat south to a large, uninhabited island above which, where the cat stopped in mid-air, sniffing, looked down, then landed upon Catnip Island.

“Go! It’s there- good luck.” were the steady but concerned words from one end of a telephone. In a matter of seconds, blinding light as the air quaked, rocked, and rumbled… a direct hit from an atomic bomb. As the roaring, crying wind and clouds of fire and dust eating the air began to subside, beneath the darkness of the evening, an angry feline braced herself and flexed, the hair rising upon her back, shrugged her head slightly, sending an ear piercing screech , even louder than the atomic storm, toward the stars and then, slowly, walked to the edge of the island, vanished into the depths.

“A Bomb Hits Cat!” rang headlines everywhere, while hushed voices in whisper spoke, “…they say a wounded animal is most dangerous.” and ” hell hath no fury like a woman stormed!”

It was on the fields of Olympus this cat from hell was next seen as it was suddenly attacked! They went rolling and rumbling, slapping and spitting, snapping and snarling, pawing and digging, kicking and screaming, ripping and tearing, clawing and scratching, biting and howling, gnashing and thrashing – it was a dog- a huge dog from outer space! The fight was on! They romped and stomped, crashed and gashed, chomped and chewed, barked and meowed, gnawed and grabbed, strained and pulled, moaned and groaned, sighed and cried! Suddenly the cat was free! It jumped into the air, flew into the darkness of the stars, the dog flew after and the rolling and rumbling, slapping and spitting, snapping and snarling, pawing and digging, kicking and screaming, ripping and tearing, clawing and scratching, biting and howling, gnashing and thrashing, romping and stomping, crashing and gashing, chomping and chewing, barking and meowing, gnawing and grabbing, straining and pulling, moaning and groaning, sighing and crying, and the cat and the dog were gone…

The End

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